Written by Mandy Carlos, Marketing Director at Urban Betty

Today marks Urban Betty’s 15th anniversary and we’re celebrating with a grand party on May 2nd at our 38th St salon location, complete with a curl bar, giveaways, braid bar, swag bags, makeup touch ups, discounts on products, and so much more.

More details to come!

“Don’t be afraid to take the reigns and step into your own power. When I first opened my salon, I didn’t want to be in charge of anyone. I was only 27 and the thought of telling others what to do terrified me.” – Chelle Neff, Owner and Founder of Urban Betty, in a recent interview about her start up success

Fifteen years after opening its doors, Urban Betty is now an award winning salon with two locations, over 50 employees, a visionary outlook, and truly creative work culture we are all proud to be a part of.