Written by Jessica Tellez, Hairstylist at Urban Betty

Here’s the deal with a pixie: anyone can have one! But this blog isn’t aimed at talking people into one, it’s for the people who are already diving in but maybe just a little in over their heads. This is also about what to bring to your consultation. If this is all new to you, I’d suggest scheduling a consultation before your appointment. I’ll also break down each section of your head so we can have a meaningful and detailed conversation.


Your pixie can be really tapered (closest to the scalp) as pictured here or your pixie can have much less tapering.


When discussing neckline shapes, take note of square, natural, pointed, etc. Using google images is a great way to determine what you’re looking for. For instance, “pixie back of head.” When looking in the mirror, if you see hair between the bottom of your earlobe and the base of your neck and it makes you cringe, I’d suggest a tight taper with a natural neckline. If you are one who embraces it you can keep it a little fuller, and sky’s the limit on what you can do for neckline shapes!


Over the last decade, sides have varied more than ever. You can do a completely shaved side undercut all the way up if you have thick enough hair, to a really soft wispy area around the ears. In between you can see hair but neither long nor short. Think traditional pixie or early Twiggy.


You can have a heavy or spiky crown. The longer you go, the more texture you’ll need. Otherwise you can really end up looking like a q-tip. If you like shorter pieces at the crown, pay attention to your cowlicks. Do you have a double crown? How does your hair react to that? If you’re into s, that may help your plight.


How do you want to style your pixie? Mohawk-ish with salt spray and waxes so you can get structure plus hold? Sleek and to the side with gels or sprays? How about just texture? That means pommades or waxes. The front can make or break the style. It’s what you see in the mirror, but also the first thing others see when they look at you. It’s the first impression of your pixie cut. This has equal parts stylist cutting and guest styling at play to make or break your look. Even if the stylist does the BEST job cutting the front, if the guest (and that means you!) doesn’t know how to style it, it’s not going to live its best pixie haircut life. A great stylist will teach you how!


This can depend entirely on your face shape. I’ll be writing a blog on that as well, but ultimately you can really alter the shape of your face with your hair shape. Long face? Don’t go crazy on the volume. Round face? Volume please! If you’re oval, go nuts. So there you have it. You don’t have to find the “perfect” pixie in just one picture. Break and mix it up! Maybe screenshot the pieces that you like and keep them in a folder for easy access. If you’re nervous, talk to your stylist about it. Have a thorough consultation beforehand so you go into the “big chop” day with plenty of confidence.