Urban Betty Colorists Will Make Your Hair Color Dreams Come True

Close your eyes and picture yourself with the hair color of your dreams —your stylist will bring that vision to life, no matter the shade! We love diving into deep jewel tones, candy-colored pastels, or bold grays with clients. During a required consultation, you and your stylist will discuss your desired results and how to achieve them. Contact us to get hair any color under the rainbow.


Things to remember:
– For most colors your hair must be pre-lightened.
– Color maintenance is 2-8 weeks depending on the color.
– Fashion colors typically require a double process application (lightening then coloring), expect to invest.
in your hair and plan on spending several hours each time you lighten your hair.
– Reds tend to fade the quickest and blues usually have the most difficulty being fully removed but all
fashion colors have a level of unpredictability – embrace the fade!
– If you plan on switching colors, use clarifying shampoo before your appointment to help strip the color.
Major color changes may take multiple sessions to achieve.


– Wash your hair in ICE COLD water.
– Wash sparingly (1-2x week max!); find a dry shampoo you love.
– Use professional, color safe products.
– Ask your stylist to make a customized color bomb.
– Use low heat hot tools and heat protectant.
– Embrace the fade!
– Trust your stylist and work with your color as it changes.
– Protect your hair in the sun. Wear a hat and use UV protecting products.

Do Not:

– Wash everyday.
– Use hot water on your hair.
– Be surprised when your color fades.
– Change your color drastically every month.
– Swim. Tie your hair up, put it in a swim cap, or coat it in a mask if you must swim. Your color will strip
out of your hair and unpredictable results may happen.
– Do not use overtone or nonprofessional color products between appointments.

For total transparency in May of 2020, instead of raising our service prices, we are implementing a small service charge (based on the price of complete services), to help cover the cost of employee benefits.

Urban Betty is now a Green Circle Salon! We repurpose and recover up to 95% of the resources once considered waste, such as hair, leftover hair color, foils, color tubes, aerosol cans, paper, and plastics. We charge a small Eco Fee ($2.50) to keep this program running. If you want this taken off your bill, please inform the front desk at checkout.

All pricing is subject to length/thickness and the amount of color used. Please book a consultation for more detailed pricing.

Pricing varies by the stylist. For individual stylists’ pricing schedules, see our Associates page.

All cancellations or no-shows without 24-hour notice will be expected to pay 50% total price of the appointment missed upon rebooking.

Enjoy one complimentary bang trim between hair services with your specific stylist only, please. Bangs trims without an existing appointment are subject to pricing upon the stylist.

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