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Julie Purcell



Julie grew up in a small town outside El Paso and attended UTEP as an art major for 2 years. She was eager to try something new in life, so she decided to move to Las Vegas with the intention of attending cosmetology school. Little did she know the universe had different plans for her. She met her husband and had their first son. Shortly after they moved to LA, they had their second son, moved to Marin, and had their daughter. Finally, they moved to Austin, and Julie was determined to finally accomplish her goal of becoming a cosmetologist.

Julie attended Baldwin Beauty in South Austin. She instantly found a home working at Urban Betty in 2019, and shortly after delivered her 4th child. “Having 4 kids and pursuing a career wholeheartedly would be difficult if I wasn't so very in love with what I do!” Her everyday goal is to help women achieve their best hair by guiding them to its optimal health and an achievable daily style. “Living a busy life, I strive for lower maintenance Color and haircuts that have a forgiving grow out.”


Haircut & Blowdry

$73 and up

Dimensional Highlight

$294 and up

Dimensional Balayage

$356 and up


$315 and up

Highlight Balayage

$400 and up


$420 and up

Blonding Retouch

$361 and up

Halo Highlight

$206and up


$119 and up

Color Retouch (roots only)

$96 and up