An Interview With Natali Marie

Natali came to Urban Betty in August of 2019. We were all so excited to hear her take on things! She’s been in the industry for a long time and it’s always exciting when we can learn through another person’s perspective. She exudes everything yoga and it's clear that she loves being outdoors!


Creating Beautiful Natural Lived-In Blondes

JT: What is your favorite part about doing hair?

NM: The relationships I build, definitely. And a creative outlet. There is nothing more gratifying than seeing that smile and confidence boost when a client leaves the salon.

JT: Is there a specialty you have? What drew you to that?

NM: Natural long blonde hair. Visually, they are the closest to what I like, which is nature. There is so much dimension! They remind me of Summer, sand, and sunshine! All my favorite things.


Fashion Colors

JT: Is there another “thing” you are excited about, but wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s your “thing”?

NM: Fashion colors. I think they are creative, fun, and unique. My spirit animal is a unicorn, and they remind me so much of them. All unique! So bold!

JT: Are there any classes you’re looking forward to this year? In house, or out?

NM: Lauren Hagen from Redken!

JT: When you were in cosmetology school, is this the sort of hair you thought you’d be doing? Has this always been what you wanted to do?

NM: No, I thought I’d be doing more fashion colors. I had funky, short purples, reds, and darks with blondes. Changing trends!

JT: Is there something you’d like to share with your audience concerning hair that you’d like people to know?

NM: Hair can be your greatest accessory if you’re using the “right products,” spending time on it, and caring for it as though it is your finest silk sheets; needs lots of love!

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