Written by Natali Horsely, Hairstylist at Urban Betty

Let’s talk about healthy hair! In this short blog, I share tips and tricks to having those luscious locks we all want!

Most of us struggle with some sort of hair issue, whether it’s thinning, scalp related, dry, brittle, damaged, dull/lifeless, etc. Then there is the small percent who won the good genes lottery and have naturally perfect hair (Congratulations! Still read along as these tips will help you too!)



  • I can’t stress enough the importance of a hair care regimen that includes high quality salon products. Those cheap drug store brands are full of low quality, harsh ingredients that ruin your hair, especially if it’s colored or highlighted and do nothing for your scalp, except maybe irritate it.
  • If you are paying money for professional color and/or highlights, you definitely want to invest in a shampoo/conditioner that will help keep that color longer and help keep the integrity of the hair as well. Even if you don’t color your hair, it will ABSOLUTELY benefit from quality shampoo/conditioner to keep it healthy!
  • Are you heat styling? You 100% need a heat protectant, otherwise your hair will burn, become brittle and start to break off! No thank you! Redken makes a great one.
  • I am a firm believer in leave-in conditioners/detanglers. If you brush or comb wet, tangled hair, IT WILL BREAK. Not only that, they offer extra protection from heat and environment. My faves: Reverie Milk. It makes your hair super soft, controls frizz, protects, & moisturizes. And Pureology 21 Benefits leave-in spray – it literally has 21 benefits!
  • Last but not least, masks. I recommend weekly or bi-weekly hair masks, depending on your needs. If they weigh your hair down, you are using the wrong one. Same goes if it’s not working, you may be using the wrong one. Keratase makes some great ones that meet individual needs.
  • All time fave products: Any of the ONLY by Nina Fitzgerald line. You can’t go wrong here, especially if you are looking for more natural ingredients and locally made products. OBSESSED with these!
  • Talk to your stylist to come up with the best healthy hair regimen tailored to meet YOUR own unique, individual needs and I promise you WILL see a huge difference in your hair!


  • If your hair hasn’t been it’s best, have you looked at your diet lately? Are you eating fast food, processed junk and sugar, drinking sodas, too much alcohol (I know, wine is so good though!)?

-Try to focus on WHOLE foods, like fruits and veggies, organic when possible

-HYDRATE! Aim for drinking half your body weight in ounces of clean, filtered water per day. (EX) If you weigh 120lbs., you need 60 ounces per day. ( No this does not include teas, coffee, or other liquids, just pure water!)

-Protein- this is essential to healthy hair, among other things. Eat plenty of high quality protein every day. I LOVE collagen powder. I put it in my morning matcha latte or coffee. 2 scoops=20g of protein!

  • Take supplements and vitamins! B vitamins, biotin, fish oil are all great for hair, just to name a few. Head over to People’s RX, they carry high quality supplements and are very knowledgeable about them and can help you make the right choices for your specific needs.
  • Manage stress as best as possible. Meditate, do yoga, journal, get outdoors. Anything that helps you unwind (in a healthy way). Stress can wreak havoc on your hair and every other part of your body!
  • Get 7-9 hrs of sleep. It’s called beauty sleep for a reason!
  • If you feel like you are doing all the right things but still having trouble, maybe it’s time to head to the doc for some lab work. Thyroid, anemia, & hormones have a direct effect on hair. Get a complete panel of each and some basic labs just to make sure. Also gut health is HUGE! Check in with your digestion. When something is “off” INSIDE the body, it will manifest OUTSIDE the body. Hair and scalp issues are big red flags sometimes.
  • Check any medications you are taking. Many of them have side effects that include your hair. Maybe it’s possible to swap for something more natural. (Talk to your doc first!) If not, be diligent with all the other things you CAN do.


  • Our water is full of harsh chemicals like chlorine, toxic metals, & pesticides, just to name a few. Yikes! These things are not only harmful to your health, but can cause dandruff, dry, brittle hair, & fade your color. And your skin suffers too!
  • A filter can help clear these things from your water and still keep necessary minerals that your hair and skin need.
  • I like the Aqua Home Group 15 stage filter or the Aqua Bliss 12 stage filter. Both are from Amazon and under $40. They fit on your shower head and are super easy to install!