Written by Mandy Carlos, Marketing Director at Urban Betty

Julia graduated from the Avenue Five Institute and began her journey at UB first as Chelle Neff’s assistant at our flagship location in September of 2016. Her evolution, both inside and out, has been a beautiful thing to see. Her smile and caring aura come naturally, and she can innately sense if you need a shoulder to lean on. Her ability to listen without judgement while truly holding your heart is one of her greatest gifts.


Julia is from Austin, Texas (a unicorn!) and loves hanging out with her boyfriend, dog and cat, and enjoys doing yoga. Her heart is fullest when hanging around her family, particularly her nephew, and strives to be the best aunt she can be.

“You can usually spot Julia because she has a braid in her hair, will hit you with a dry sense of humor, and will throw out some bad dad jokes, all while being extremely honest! AND that’s why I (we) love her so much.” – Chelle Neff