Nory Cruz, aka @ncru_z, is the Betty of the Week! Hi! You can find her at @beautifulsalon & see all of the fantastic stylists’ work. Thank you, Nory, for elevating our industry. I felt an instant connection when we first met over Zoom and shared some of the same love about being a salon company owner. You instantly lift others with your energy. Whenever I see you in person, you have the best smile and the most positive words. I wish we could bottle up your essence and sell it!

Fun facts about Nory:

✨You are a leader in the salon industry. Share your background.

I was born & raised in beautiful Puerto Rico. I started doing hair around 13 to any brave soul who would let a 13-year-old play with their hair. Let’s say I have grown & evolved in that area since then! I have been in the states since I was 20. My husband & I decided to open our salon company in 2013 when we decided to make Texas our home after the Army sent us there. After years of hard work, lots of prayer & and even more sweat & tears, we created this exceptional environment for people of every walk of life to come to. I think BeYouTiful Salon is so successful because we have created a culture of hardworking & excited stylists. I have made it my goal to be a leader who doesn’t just talk but walks the walk.

✨What did you want to be when you grew up?

Growing up, I wanted to be a special needs teacher, so one of my favorite out-of-work activities is volunteering with special needs kids as much as possible. Another hobby of mine is being a ‘Plant mom”. I have plants in every room of my home & at the salon. Never leave a store without a new little green friend. I hope that I can always be the “boss lady” that every stylist can look to & also the person that every client needs when they sit in my chair.