We are featuring a strong Austin salon founder this week. Meet Melanie Manuel, aka @Melanie.colourbeautylounge, who is the Betty of the Week. She started at @urbanbettysalon in 2009 and is now the proud owner of @colour.beauty.lounge!


Fun facts about Mel:


✨When did you start at UB, or when did we meet?

2009-2013 – before you sat in your office counting gold coins 🤣

✨What did you want to be when you grew up?

I’m not sure I ever truly knew, but I loved everything beauty, products, make-up, nails, and hair. Thankfully I ended up going to cosmetology school to be a hairstylist; I love my career.

✨Where are you from?

Strong Island! Haha! I grew up in NY on Long Island.

✨What do you like to do outside of work?

Have friends over, cook, entertain or the complete opposite, avoid human contact and disconnect from everything.

✨If you could be a superhero, what would your special power be? The ability to immediately connect with anyone with a non-judgmental heart and help anyone who deserves it within my means.

✨What else keeps you busy?

I have my hands over-full between working behind the chair, owning a business, and being my seven-year-olds whole world.

✨I’m currently in my 5th year of owning a salon, and the struggle is real. I have the utmost respect for Chelle Neff. I was lucky enough to see her in the first five years of business, the struggles she faced, how relentless she was, how hard she worked. Her dedication and never giving up were so empowering to watch. Chelle is a 1%er. She persevered through it all alone. Without a wealthy spouse or business partner, she and I both came from rough beginnings and earned all we had without a safety net. Chelle is a true superhero whom I greatly respect.

THANK YOU, Melanie, for always giving me laughs. When you started at UB, I went through some of the most challenging struggles in my life. I instantly bonded with you over childhood trauma, bad jokes, and being single. You helped me more than you’ll ever know. You have so much power inside you; I can’t wait to see you step into it and take over the world! I wish you so much success and growth. #teambetty #urbanbettysalon