As summer turns to fall the weather cools down, the sun sets earlier, and the leaves begin to change colors. With all these changes many of us feel the urge to revamp and reinvent ourselves – oftentimes starting with our hair. Out with the bright Blondes and in with the rich, dimensional Brondes and Brunettes. But beware! This transition may seem simple but can actually be just as complicated as going lighter.

When you lighten hair you’re essentially removing pigments from the hair, therefore when you go darker you need to replace those missing pigments. If this isn’t done in the correct way you can be left with hollow, muddy, and sometimes even swampy green hair – which no one wants!

Going darker doesn’t just mean being one solid color though. The oh-so-popular Bronde hair can be the perfect solution for a blonde that is wanting to go darker but isn’t wanting to completely lose her blonde. A reverse balayage is the perfect technique to creating more depth at the root, having a more low maintenance grow out, and giving a deeper and more dimensional color while still keeping pops of blonde.

Transitioning from a Blonde to a Bronde can give a beautiful result and be the perfect transition color for a blonde that is contemplating going to the dark side! When booking this transformative service schedule a dimensional balayage with your stylist!