This Betty of the Week is Carolina Villarreal, aka @minteventdesign; In 2023, I want to celebrate more Austin female founders! And Carolina makes the perfect first one. She has been my go-to connection for events and parties for over a year now! I knew she was a true winner when she took on the hectic task of helping me with my Halloween party. Thank you, Carolina, for being such a light and inspiration in the community.


✨You are a leader in your industry. Share your background.

Throwing parties is something I love to do. It comes from my roots in Mexico, where we celebrate everything with a party full of friends and family. Any life event, big or small, deserves a worthy celebration. It all began in 2013 when…I was a full-time preschool teacher, raising four kids, and I had no time to plan every detail of my family celebrations. I then reached out to event planners to help me make the magic! The only problem was that I couldn’t find a person. Event stylists and the event planning industry usually focus on large events, mainly weddings, and wouldn’t take on my small backyard parties. That’s when I realized I could take my favorite hobby and make it a full-time career! Through all my experiences, I have found that many people like me love to go all out with creative celebrations. I now serve bigger events, but we still love throwing and planning small backyard celebrations!


✨What did you want to be when you grew up?

A business owner, but I never thought it would be an event planning company.


✨Where are you from?

Mexico, I came to the USA 23 years ago, and I’ve always lived in Austin, TX.


✨What do you like to do outside of work?

I love hanging out with my family; traveling is one of my favorite things to do, and of course, hosting events at my house!


✨Anything else that makes you unique?

I’m a hugger, so whenever I meet someone, I want to hug them! So I am always on the lookout to see others’ reactions, to make sure they will be ok with my hug! I run on coffee all day, and I love Mexican food, but I do not like Tex-Mex; very different!

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