We are celebrating! Urban Betty had its 18th birthday on Jan 5th this year! And while we were scheduled to take a photo that day…life got in the way. So here we are a couple of weeks later, doing our best.

As you can see, the roof is getting repaired at our 38th street location. And I wanted to show this because it’s a metaphor for anyone in life and business. Things are sometimes flawed. Sometimes you need your roof redone during business hours while you have customers, and it sounds like a bomb is going off, so then you have to close until noon for a week until the roof is done being torn off and replaced. And while it seems loud, neverending, and cumbersome, you know that one day there will be a fresh new roof to give you shelter and protection.

You must trust the process and know that things will work out. It may not necessarily look how you want it to, and it may be unplanned. I’m thankful for the lessons this has taught me, and I’m grateful for everyone who has ever worked under this roof or anyone who made an appointment and came in to get a service!

I look forward to seeing all the beautiful faces walking in under a new roof, and they will never even know that it’s been replaced. #teambetty