The Betty of the Week is back! And we are kicking it off with Caitlin Hewitt, aka @hairbycaithewitt. Caitlin started at our flagship in November of 2020.


Caitlin is from a small town called Seaford in Long Island, New York. I always love people from the east coast! She graduated from SUNY (in Albany, NY) in 2017. She also graduated from Nassau (in Boces, NY) in 2018. Way to go!

What did Caitlin envision herself doing when she was young? She actually wanted to be a dolphin trainer because she loves water! What a pivot! I’m glad she chose to move to Texas and become a Betty! So it makes sense that some of her favorite things to do are jet skiing and being on a boat.

Caitlin’s strengths include being very strong-minded. She said, “Even if something is challenging, I put in all my effort to finish the task at hand.”

And the most important thing is that she is very outgoing and loves to make others laugh, even if that means being silly! 🤪 She’s incredibly talented at doing hair, AND she can make true connections with others when she is behind the chair. And when you can tap into that resource, your powers are limitless—cheers to you, Caitlin, for taking risks and listening to your heart. Your success will be great, I can tell this simply by being around you.