Our Betty of the Week is Angelika Bazan, aka @Styledbyangelika. She started at our flagship @urbanbettysalon location in February of 2021 and graduated from the Avenue Five Institute. Angelika is from McAllen and has always dreamed of being a famous artist. She loves to paint, go on hikes/picnics, thrift shop, and sew! Her strengths are dimensional blondes and fun pops of color!! A fun fact about Angelika is that she likes to collect vintage and uranium glasses.

Thank you, Angelika, for always having a smile on your face and for being such a receptive personality. I can tell you are curious and tend to accommodate others’ needs without giving up your own. From the conversations we’ve had in the breakroom, I can tell you are kind and patient simply because you let others share before speaking up. That’s a tremendous strength to have in our industry. Especially behind the chair when pampering a guest! I am so excited to see you excel and rise to the top of the salon industry. I love that you are part of #TEAMBETTY!!