Written by Maddie Longobardi, Hairstylist at Urban Betty

Beauty is not just one thing; it is a combination of all of the parts that make you, you. It’s your heart, your soul, your laugh, your company, your character, and even your hair. Hair is not just hair, it’s an expression of who you are. A hairstyle can allow you to express your individualism in all the right ways.

This is why it is so important to take the time to find the right stylist. Although you may not realize it, your stylist is an extension of yourself as they help bring your vision and personality to life. When you’re starting your search for a stylist, try to focus on quality versus quantity. The years of experience that a stylist has doesn’t necessarily equate to them being better than other stylists.

Other key factors to consider are a stylist’s comfort level with different textures, lengths, and thickness of hair. Keep in mind that your hair is unique, and not all stylists may know how to work with it. Don’t be afraid to ask about the stylist’s experience with different products, cuts, textures, and overall knowledge—as this will be a big indicator on whether they are the right stylist for you.

Lastly, be sure to pay attention to your own feelings. Do you feel like you can trust your stylist and open up to them? Do you vibe with them and are you willing to take risks with them? You may not realize it, but when you do find him or her, you’re investing in a lifelong friendship and confidant. Their sole job is to make you feel more beautiful than you already are.




1) Accept your hair in its current state. If you have black hair and want to go blonde, it’s not something that can magically happen in one appointment with ANY stylist. Or say you have fine hair and you bring in a picture of JLo because you want hair like hers. JLo actually has a mountain of extensions. Even JLo can’t have “JLo hair”.

2) Know that your hair is your best accessory. You can’t take it off and put it back on every day. It takes time to look like a rock star. Understand that when you like a style that your stylist does to your hair, it will take time and effort for you to achieve that same look on your own each day.

3) Once you understand steps 1 and 2, you can move onto step 4!

4) Find a salon that you think is rad! Read reviews, look at pictures of the salon, and make sure they have a price point that fits your beauty budget.

5) Find an artist who inspires you. This could mean that the stylist has a lot of pictures of hairstyles on their social media that you like. It could also mean that you connect with their bio and you have a general good feeling about them.

6) Book a complimentary consultation! This step is most important if you are unsure about anything. The consultation allows you to meet and feel out the stylist and the salon before you invest your time and your money with them. The consultation is also a good opportunity to understand how a stylist will work on your hair and how they book appointments. Make sure you agree on the process and feel comfortable with their pricing before committing.

7) Once you find a stylist that you love, make sure to pre-book your next appointment. This guarantees your spot on their schedule and it saves you from last-minute appointment scheduling with a different stylist. We all know what happens when we do that—we end up going back to our regular stylist to fix it.

Another way to find your next stylist is to take our Meet Your Stylist quiz. The quiz takes into account your hair type, what services you normally receive (haircuts, highlights, etc.), your availability, your communication style, as well as other factors to determine which three stylists at Urban Betty would be good matches for you.

Remember that when you’re trying out a new hairstylist, they are also learning to work with your hair. Sometimes, it can be hard to get it perfect the first time. Try your best to be open and honest with your stylist. Make sure when they ask you questions about previous treatments, you are 100% honest with them. This helps them better serve you and your hair.