Written by Jami Asad, Stylist at Urban Betty Salon

It’s becoming more common to see someone in your community wearing a hair color that is anywhere from a pastel shade to an intense color melt. Because of this, Urban Betty is getting a high volume of requests of clients wanting similar looks. We would love to give you a look you the high fashion hair color you love and some helpful hints on how to achieve it!

Is it realistic? Is the picture you bring in compatible to what your preexisting canvas? One important thing to remember, is that the fashion color you can receive at the end of your appointment is determined by the condition of your hair in it’s current state. The lightness and darkness of hair is based on a level system, all with a underlying pigment of warmth. Pastel tones can’t show and vivids are muted if the hair isn’t light enough or exposing too much warmth. That being said, if you come in with darker hair, it might take multiple appointments to lighten your hair safely to a perfect canvas for fashion colors. Be patient with your hair, because at Urban Betty we want to give you the fashion color you want all while keeping your hair as healthy as possible!

Here is the honest truth about the longevity of your fashion color: fashion colors will fade quicker than your traditional hair color. Depending on the color you choose, the products you use, and the amount of times you shampoo your hair determine how long the color will actually last. For example, if you put blue color over hair with yellow undertones, most likely your hair will turn to green the more the blue fades because it is exposing more of the yellow undertones. So your blue will mostly look like a shade of green unless you are to that perfect platinum color.

Using the professional hair care your stylist recommends to you is crucial because products we can not guarantee will more often than not expose those warm tones quicker. The stylists at Urban Betty only recommend products we trust that will help your look last as long as possible.

With that in mind, if you’re using professional products you won’t need to wash your hair as ofter, which leads to your hair color’s longevity. The more you shampoo your hair, the more you’re breaking down those color molecules in the hair again, causing more warmth to be exposed.

If doing a fashion color is a look you’re wanting to try, the stylists at Urban Betty are all available for consultations to answer any questions you may have even further. It is preferred that you consult with a stylist prior to making an appointment because everyone’s hair can achieve different results. Refer to our Meet Your Stylist form to find which stylist best fits you! From there each stylist has a link to their Instagram portfolio for you to see. We hope this helps give you a better understanding and feel more confident asking for these looks.