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The Ultimate Diet for Your Hair

Many of us choose to go on diets when we feel that our physicality is no longer at the standard we’re accustomed to. In an attempt to remedy that, we start eating better, hit our workouts more often, and become more conscientious of our habits. From time to time, our hair will also require more attention and a change-up in routine.

This past summer, my hair had reached a fragile state. After several sessions of lightening as well as exposure to UV rays and chlorine, my hair was not in a state to tango with my heat-styling tools anymore. So, I decided to go on a no-heat diet. I made a vow to wear my hair in its natural waves for the entire summer. And this is why it was the best decision I ever made.

My Hair Became Healthier

Anytime that you flat-iron, curl, or blow-dry your hair, you’re putting your hair under additional stress. This stress is even more significant if your hair is already in a fragile state, either from lightening or from previous mechanical damage. When you apply heat to your hair, you run the risk of damaging it further and breaking the ends off. By eliminating heat from my routine, I gave my hair the chance to breathe.

I Saved So Much Time Getting Ready

If I’m styling my hair, whether I’m straightening it or curling it with a curling iron, I usually have to spend around an hour to an hour and a half doing my hair. When I wear it natural, all I have to do is apply leave-in conditioner and mousse in my hair, and I’m ready to go. This routine requires only 5 minutes of my time.

Which means that I can use the extra time in the morning to sleep, relax, put on some extra makeup, or pick out my outfit! Priorities.

I Fell in Love With My Natural Curls

I feel like one of the main reasons why I had always been resistant to my natural curls is because natural texture isn’t embraced enough in pop culture. As a young girl growing up, the music artists that I listened to, the actresses that I watched on TV and in movies, and the models that I saw in magazines all had straight hair or perfectly curled hair. So in a way, it had been projected to me that only that kind of hair is beautiful.

But, the act of forcing myself to wear my natural curls, PUSHED me to like how I look with my natural hair. I didn’t leave myself any other choice, but to embrace it. As they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If you think you are beautiful, then YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. Regardless of what anyone else, including society or pop culture, tries to dictate.

Cheat Days Are Okay

Just like any diet, cheat days are allowed. For example, if I had a haircut scheduled during my ‘No-Heat Diet’, I would allow myself to get my hair blown-out or styled. After all, you are paying for that in the service!

Just make sure to limit your cheat days to special occasions and events because the whole purpose of the break from heat is so that your hair has a break!

No Heat November

So, now it’s that time again. My hair has been feeling very dry these past couple of months and I know exactly what I need to do. I’ve decided to take another hiatus from my flat iron, hair dryer, and curling iron. My goal is to do the no-heat diet until Christmas. Yes, that means my hair will be au naturel for holiday parties. And, I promise it will look fabulous.