Written by Mandy Carlos, Marketing Director at Urban Betty

Morgan Detchon is our Betty of the Week! Morgan is a Certified Redken Specialist and has an exceptional talent for natural colors and soft highlights. She also enjoys doing precision haircuts, such as bobs and pixie cuts. Her keen attention to detail and methodical approach guarantees that every client will receive the same high-quality service, and her easy going personality and outstanding listening skills ensure that every guest will feel comfortable in her chair.


Thank you Morgan, for sharing your spirit, love, and dedication with our salon company.

“She started cosmetology school when she was just 16 years old (just like me!) and had her license in hand by age 18. What I like about Morgan is her mad introvert skills and ability to be funny/awkward in the best situations. I feel like we are true soul sisters and understand each other on a deep level because, in a lot of ways, we are fundamentally the same. She is also super organized and excels at being upfront and honest with people.” – Chelle Neff