Betty of the Week, Tara Dzialo!

Tara Dzialo is our Betty of the Week! She started at our Urban Betty 38th flagship location in October of 2017 and graduated from Creative Images in Dayton, Ohio.

When Tara grew up in Clearwater, Florida, she wanted to either be a hairstylist or a veterinarian, so she went the cosmetology route and ended up loving it.

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Highlight Your Natural Beauty

Tara enjoys outdoor stuff like taking out jet skis on Lake Travis, scuba diving, backpacking, camping, really going anywhere there is water!

Her strengths are highlights and balayage. She loves working with guests on choosing colors that bring out their natural beauty while creating something low maintenance and easier to style hair.

Wanna know something fun about Tara? She hopes to do a megalodon dive so that she can find one of their teeth! She can count me out of joining her on that trip!

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Thank you

Seriously though, thank you, Tara, for your dry sense of humor, your love of horror movies, and, more importantly, your desire to be a team player. You have asked to do things and stepped up to the plate more times than I can count. We are a better salon company because of you!