Written by Mandy Carlos, Marketing Director at Urban Betty

We’re officially reopened, wearing masks, and practicing social distancing! All of which contributed to the fun endeavor of taking this picture (they’re smiling, we promise).

Our front desk staff truly are the unsung heroes of our salon, and Anna-Leigh Siegert has been a part of that magic since joining us in February 2019. She is our Betty of the Week, not only for her strengths at problem solving in sticky situations and being detail-oriented even amongst chaos, but because of the positive energy she emits and light that she shines on Urban Betty every day.

We are inspired by her drive to be active, whether its running, biking, or hiking and that she’s majoring in psychology with a minor in social work with the hopes of transferring to UT Austin soon. Thank you, Anna-Leigh, for all that you do. We love you!