Written by Mandy Carlos, Marketing Director at Urban Betty

Taylor began at our flagship location in April 2019 as an associate, and is now full time on the floor at SoCo! A graduate from Paul Mitchell the School Austin, Taylor has been a manager at e.l.f cosmetics, studied at Texas State University to become a forensic investigator, dropped out upon discovering that math was not her passion, and enrolled in cosmotology school the very next week! We are so grateful that her life’s path and passion has led her here with us.


Among Taylor’s many talents is that she is also a makeup artist! She loves doing weddings and special events, but special FX is her forte. She has worked on local movies and shows, but hopes to one day be a part of notable horror films with her special FX prowess:

“Humans are my canvas, and I love turning them into the creatures we see in horror films. I’m also a huge horror/true crime nerd, and I probably know WAY too much about the topic!” – Taylor Seifert


She is a self-proclaimed cat lady! No really. Judith and Salem are her cats (children), named after Judith Myers from Halloween and Salem from Sabrina the Teenage Witch, respectively. When she retires, she wants to own/operate a cat shelter and specialize in neonatal kittens! And we absolutely love this about her.