Written By Audrey Sundqvist, Hairstylist at Urban Betty

Today, everything we need is literally at our fingertips. There are endless amounts of products to choose from whenever we want it. It seems like we’re so programmed for convenience these days, right? You might consider your hair products as an afterthought when you’re looking up new inspiration pictures on Instagram or Pinterest for your next hair style. Why not just use the cheap stuff that you can grab from the grocery store? Or snap a picture at the salon and buy those products after the appointment? Here are a few reasons why you should plan ahead about your product investment at your next salon visit.


You may recall a time when you left the salon feeling super confident about your hair, dreading the moment you’d have to wash it and try to recreate the same look.

If you do what I do and use what I use, you’ll get the results I get.

This is something that I tell most of my clients who confess their hair struggles while in my chair. If you’re the person who wears a ponytail day in and day out, or the person who can’t seem to master the look you envision for the day, chances are you’re using the wrong tools or products. From your shampoo and conditioner, all the way to your finishing spray, it all matters!

The great news is that your stylist can coach you and personalize your products to suit your specific needs, something that likely won’t happen through a YouTube video. Learning a new hair style technique can take some practice, but with the right tools you can make it happen!


There are many things to consider while shopping for styling products like drugstore vs. salon, cheap vs. professional, convenience, and cost.

In the hair industry, you get what you pay for.

Ask yourself, would you pay hundreds of dollars to have a personal trainer customize a workout and meal plan for you and then go home and binge eat tacos and cookies? Probably not. Similarly, your hair is an investment too. You’re paying good money to have a great hair experience at the salon and top quality results so why would you go home and use products that weren’t recommended by your stylist?

Professional salon products may cost a little more than Pantene or Dove, but there are so many reasons why they’re worth the investment. In terms of money spent, your dollars are actually stretched about the same as spending less on a lower quality product. Here’s why:


Professional products that are sold directly from the salon will have a higher concentration of ingredients, meaning they last longer as you use less with better results. The issue with drugstore products is that they may leave your hair in worse condition due to harmful chemicals that strip your scalp of its natural oils and in turn dry out your hair and cause flaking. They can also create buildup on the hair (which can cause even more issues down the road). Professional products are designed to cleanse and nourish your hair and scalp from the inside out and the ingredients used are much, much better.


Did you know that there’s a GIANT grey market in the cosmetic world? Not only does it exist online, but it’s also sprinkled through the aisles of your local supermarkets and drug stores. Let me be clear about this—we (the consumer) have NO idea who or where these products came from. One thing I can tell you is that there’s a good chance they’ve been sitting in a warehouse for too long, are expired, or have been tampered with.

I challenge you to grab a bottle of “professional” conditioner the next time you see it at the drugstore and take a sniff, or put a small amount in your hand. It’s very likely that it won’t smell like it’s supposed to, or it may have little clumps or crystals in it. Check to see if the original bar code has been covered. If it has it’s definitely been through a third party. IT’S (probably) NOT THE SAME!

Don’t gamble your money y’all. Make sure you’re buying the right stuff—and at the end of the day, make sure you can at least get your money back for your purchase if you’re not in love with it. Most salons will honor your return and be more than happy to give you a second professional opinion on what to try next.


You help your stylists out when you purchase retail in the salon because it gives them access to furthering their education, which in turn helps you receive the best quality service. #plottwist. Most salons, like ours, have programs set up with our distributors that allow us to earn free education through retail sales. So, every time you buy your stuff from us, our salon earns points to receive education on things like new techniques, new products, you name it. You’re helping your stylist become better at doing your hair and helping you! Plus, shopping local is the Austin way. Win-win.