We Love Austin Classical Guitar!

When I joined the Austin Classical Guitar board of directors in 2015, I had no idea how much I would love this organization and continue to develop a deeper connection with it every year. And I can’t believe that they have just had their 30th birthday. Happy Birthday, ACG!

They’ve made education programs for thousands of kids in Austin and help others all across the US. Their programs are going strong even now with online school. ACG will be buying guitars for kids who don’t have one at home in their programs all across Austin and will be increasing their individual free lesson programs for students in Title 1 schools. They’ve added a third program in the juvenile justice system and will be adding a fourth in January, and they just trained the largest international teacher cohort ever in July, and so much more.

An anonymous donor family just called and pledged an incredible $50,000 matching gift. They will match any donations received between August 1st and Opening Night with the legendary Pepe Romero on September 26th. Want to watch?

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The donor told us, “I share your vision that music can change the world. It unifies us and lifts our spirits.”

If you’d like to read a story about the kind of impact ACG has on kids, this one is beautiful.

If now is a good time for you to support ACG, you can


Thank you!

Chelle Neff, Founder of Urban Betty