Urban Betty Salon: Now a Certified Safe Place by the Austin Police Department

Urban Betty Salon, with its locations on 38th Street and South Congress, has always been more than just a place to get your hair done. It’s a vibrant part of the Austin community, known for its welcoming atmosphere and dedication to inclusivity. Now, Urban Betty has taken an extra step in its commitment to safety and support by becoming certified as a Safe Place through the Austin Police Department.

What is the Safe Place Program?

The Safe Place program, initiated by the Austin Police Department, is designed to provide support and safety for individuals experiencing harassment or crime, particularly those within the LGBTQ+ community. Businesses and organizations that participate in the program display the Safe Place decal, signaling to those in need that they can find refuge and assistance there.

What This Means for Urban Betty Customers

For customers of Urban Betty Salon, this certification means that both the 38th Street and South Congress locations are not just places to enhance your look, but also places where you can feel secure and supported. The Safe Place decal indicates that the salon staff is trained to provide immediate help, contact the authorities, and ensure the safety of anyone in distress.

A Commitment to Inclusivity and Safety

Urban Betty has long been a champion of diversity and inclusion. By joining the Safe Place program, they are reaffirming their dedication to creating a safe and welcoming environment for all, regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, race, or background. This certification is a testament to the salon’s ongoing efforts to support the community and promote a culture of kindness and respect.

How the Safe Place Program Works

When someone enters Urban Betty Salon seeking help, the staff is prepared to assist in several key ways:

  1. Immediate Shelter: Providing a safe space for the individual to stay until help arrives.
  2. Contacting Authorities: Alerting the Austin Police Department to ensure prompt assistance.
  3. Support and Compassion: Offering a compassionate response to help the individual feel safe and supported.

The Impact on the Community

Urban Betty’s participation in the Safe Place program is a significant step toward enhancing community safety. It not only provides a critical resource for individuals in need but also sets an example for other businesses in Austin to follow. The presence of more Safe Places throughout the city can help reduce incidents of harassment and violence, making Austin a safer place for everyone.

Join Urban Betty in Supporting Safe Places

Urban Betty encourages other local businesses to consider becoming certified Safe Places. The more businesses that join the program, the more extensive and effective the network of safety and support will be. Together, we can create a community where everyone feels safe, valued, and respected.


Urban Betty Salon’s certification as a Safe Place by the Austin Police Department is a proud milestone in its journey of supporting and protecting the community. Whether you’re visiting for a haircut, color, or styling, you can take comfort in knowing that Urban Betty is a place of safety and solidarity.

Next time you walk by the Urban Betty locations on 38th Street or South Congress, look for the Safe Place decal and know that this is a salon that truly cares about the well-being of its community.