Esthetician & Makeup Artist - Level 1

Regan is a highly skilled and passionate licensed esthetician with a Master’s in Business Administration and over seven years of experience in the beauty industry. She possesses a deep-rooted commitment to helping individuals feel beautiful, confident, and comfortable in their skin.

Regan’s approach to esthetics is rooted in a holistic understanding of beauty and self-care. She believes that true beauty radiates from within, and her goal is to help her clients unlock their inner glow and embrace their unique features.

She believes it is important to educate individuals about proper skincare routines, product selection, and lifestyle choices that can positively impact their skin. Regan knows that empowering her clients with knowledge and tools is the key to maintaining long-term skin health and radiance.

Her hobbies include training jiu-jitsu, practicing ariel arts, and dancing. She loves to try new things and believes growth comes from learning to be vulnerable and authentic in these experiences.

*Interested in booking a consultation or receiving a price quote before your appointment with Regan? DM on Instagram @firstblush or in person by calling 512.371.7663. 

Phone: 512.371.7663