Written by Madelon Sanabria, Hairstylist at Urban Betty Salon

Add some more sparkle to your life with our new service, Glitter Roots!

Some of you may have seen this on Pinterest or Instagram. It’s a trend that’s come and stuck! (pun, intended) πŸ˜›

Here’s how it works:

  • It’s a 15 minute stand alone appointment or you can add it to your current services in the salon if there is time available.
  • You can choose 1-3 different colors, in a wide variety of glitter. They are custom mixed and suited to your hairstyle and painted directly on your hair with a paint brush!
  • It’s a temporary, easy to wash out, $10 commitment!

So whether you’re going to a festival, or you just got a fresh cut and want to show it off, glitter roots are the way to go!