Written by Audrey Sundqvist, Hairstylist at Urban Betty

Have you ever wondered if your current hair color is the most flattering for you? Maybe you’ve already achieved the most flattering color for your skin tone, but does your color flow well with your haircut? The best way to achieve a new look is by scheduling a consultation with a professional cosmetologist who can assess some important factors before helping you choose a flattering color that best suits your lifestyle.


Just because your BFF has beautiful smoky blonde hair doesn’t necessarily mean that’s the ideal color for you. During a color service, you and your stylist will look at your skin tone, hair type and eye color to weigh out your best options. Your stylist may suggest ideas for color placement that you hadn’t thought of or suggest a color pattern that works best with your haircut. Hey, it’s totally normal to feel bored with your hair color! This is something that most people experience and it can be super tempting to just grab a drugstore box color to do the job. But, doing that is always a gamble because it can lead to a much bigger, expensive project than you had planned. The below are the reasons why you should trust a licensed cosmetologist to perform your color service.


As a cosmetologist, I’ve spent thousands (yes, thousands) of hours training on the art and SCIENCE of hair color. I’m not saying I’m qualified to solve the mysteries of black holes or quantum mechanics. BUT, I’m definitely qualified to assess your hair and to proceed (or not proceed) with the coloring process, while having a good idea of what your hair will look like when I’m finished. When you’ve decided on a color, a professional factors all of the following:

  • Is the hair virgin hair, colored hair, or both? Is there banding?
  • Integrity of hair: is it severely damaged?
  • Percentage of grey
  • Natural level of hair (on our scale of 1-10 darkest black to palest blonde)
  • Current tone(s) of hair
  • The desired level(s) and tone(s)
  • Hair texture (this affects resistance to color)
  • Presence of build-up or metallic salts/Henna

You get the picture- there’s a lot going on when we’re formulating for you, especially when we’re correcting a color gone wrong. Box colors simply aren’t designed to provide a customized result. They come with a cookie-cutter mixture that will give different results on each person because no two people have the same exact situation happening with their hair. In addition, most box colors contain metallic salts which can create a plethora of issues if you decide to change your color later on. And yes, hair can melt. (*Insert gasp here*)


Hair color is not created equal. Like any other cosmetics or hair products, you’re going to get better ingredients by investing in professional brands that are formulated to work from the inside of your hair to help repair, treat, and maintain its healthiest form. Like many drugstore styling products, hair color that is purchased at the drugstore is generally formulated with many ingredients that can be damaging to your hair. Even if your hair feels better temporarily, it’s likely just been coated with ingredients that fade or build up overtime.


Did you know that sometimes limp, fine hair can be gently highlighted to help create a little lift and manageability? Did you know that hair color can make fine, wispy hair slightly heavier? Your hair type in conjunction with its integrity are key players in how easy or frustrating your morning routine can be, and no box color will be able to advise you which color services will actually suit your needs. Your stylist can help you navigate what’s best for your daily hair routine by learning more about your lifestyle and assessing your hair type and making suggestions.


Think about all of the perks of going into a hair salon and getting pampered. You get a chance to relax, enjoy a beverage, and let us do all the cleaning up. Who enjoys a stained shower, anyway? Not me.