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ONLY by Nina Fitzgerald

Purely thought out hair and skincare

What makes our products work, and what makes us different? It is high quality, well-sourced ingredients, with the least number of ingredients for the formula. We strive for well thought out and direct products that don't have a lot of fluff. Why have a product with 30 ingredients, if it can be done with 7? If there are additional ingredients, they are there for a purpose and for meaning. When we have ingredients listed, we will always let you know why they are used, and what purpose they serve. We also will only source cruelty-free ingredients, and we will never test on animals.

At ONLY, we strive to have safe, non-toxic products that are useable for the whole family, and for all types of skin and hair. At ONLY, we use only the most essential ingredients for healthy hair and skin.

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