Happy 14th Anniversary to our radiant Betty of the Week, Nina Fitzgerald, aka @laninafitzgerald! Nina has graced our flagship @UrbanBetty Salon since December 2010, bringing a decade and a half of brilliance to our space. g
In her chair, the conversation flows like magic, especially when she dives into the wonders of @onlybyninafitzgerald – the exclusive oil-free conditioner she crafted!
A journey that began at the Aveda Institute in The Woodlands, Texas, in 2010, unfolded into a profession weaving together economics, psychology, art, chemistry, science, and business. Nina became our living Google, connecting with people in ways only she can, painting life with her vibrant colors! I
Why do we adore Nina? Let us count the ways!
She’s a radiant light and a phenomenal listener, spreading joy with her positivity and comforting presence. As a mom, Nina, you’re awe-inspiring, pouring boundless love into your family. Your commitment to growth, whether through spiritual exploration or deep reflection, sets you apart. You’re truly one-of-a-kind, and your authenticity shines brighter than most.
As we step into Nina’s 15th year at UB, let’s celebrate this incredible, authentic, and loving soul.
Thank you, Nina, for being the heart and soul of Urban Betty. Here’s to many more years of magic!