Our Betty of the Week is Marian Little, aka @minnietheshagger! She originally started at our flagship location 10 years ago and moved on to become a boss when she opened Shag Noir Studio a few years ago. I am so proud of her and what she has accomplished in such a short time.


Marian graduated from The Avenue Five Institute in 2011 and always knew deep down she wanted to own a business. She even wrote in her senior book that she wanted to become an entrepreneur in 2003. Talk about manifesting! Marian is from Pflugerville, TX, and loves traveling, taking classes, and basketball after school with her son and my pup!


Fun Facts about Marian:


✨If you could be a superhero, what would your special power be?

If I could be a superhero…. I would have teleportation powers. Period.


✨What is your side hustle?

My side hustle is investing. I love learning the stock market, it’s still a sport I’ll never understand fully, but I’m in it for the long haul!

Thank you, Marian, for always brightening a room with your laugh and sense of humor. You have an honesty that people can feel immediately. Every word you say comes with conviction and love and truly is what makes you shine. I love watching all of your stories and seeing life through your eyes.