Our Betty of the week is Jessica Chapman, aka @Jchapmanstylist. She is the co-founder of @Loveandrootssalon here in Austin, Texas. Here are some fun facts about Jessica:


✨You are a leader in the salon industry. Share your background.

I first started dabbling when I was 6 years old, cutting off all my doll’s hair, but it didn’t technically begin until I was 16 when they offered it in my high school. I had a learning disability that made school and tests really hard for me, so when I had a friend ask if I wanted to play with hair + makeup instead of gym class, I jumped at it. They had no idea it jump-started my whole life. That was one of my first, what I call, “Y’s in the Road” that pivoted my life forever. Best decision I’ve ever made!

✨What did you want to be when you grew up?

Well, I just turned 40, so being a flight attendant was still VERY glamorous when I was young! I loved the idea of traveling, wearing fancy clothes, and meeting people from all over the world. My Aunt Trula, who I looked up to, was so glamorous even though I didn’t know her well. She spent her life traveling the world and wearing the fanciest clothes, and she lived in a high rise in downtown Houston. Even though she wasn’t a flight attendant, I always imagined her as one because she seemed so eloquent and sophisticated, and l lived the lifestyle.

✨Where are you from?

A suburb of Houston called Deer Park, TX.

✨What do you like to do outside of work?

I love to hang out with my family. My partner, Ryan, and I have Jake, who is 5, that is in kindergarten, and they’re my favorite people!! There’s a lot of laughs in our home!

Thank you, Jessica, for elevating our industry, always being honest yet loving. You have natural energy that draws people in and makes them feel safe. I meet a lot of salon owners, and you are one of the ones that always stand out to me. You make an effort to get to know people and talk to them whenever I see you at industry events. (Which is something, as an introvert myself, I strive to be like) Here’s to many more years of success!