Our Betty of the Week is Devan Nguyen, aka @devan_! She started as our Marketing Director in October of 2020 and graduated from Texas State University with a Bachelors in Marketing in 2021. Now the crazy part is that Devan wanted to be a hairstylist when she was younger. She may be doing a different job, but she still ended up in a salon!


Devan was born in Lafayette, Louisiana, and was raised in Wilmington, North Carolina. She moved to Katy, Texas, in 2012 and has been in the Austin area for almost 3 years! Devan enjoys eating at restaurants and spending quality time with her family, boyfriend, friends, and cats.

Devan is naturally a passionate person. Anything that she does, especially work-wise, she will always be invested 100%. I can attest to that. She has been the BEST marketing director ever. She invents cool new ideas, takes anything that we do or have done in the past, and makes it even better. I feel like she usually has something done intuitively before I even ask her to do it. That is a strength that I believe only a few are born with, and it’s something that can’t be learned. We are so lucky to have her be part of Urban Betty.

On the side, Devan is @peachbum ’s Event Coordinator. She loves organizing events for others. We can’t wait to finally have events again this year. Watch out for an invite, and you’ll be able to see her creative work in action.

One last fun fact about Devan:

“I went to a Year-Round school growing up, so I never had summer break. Maybe that’s why I’m such a hard worker now .”

Thank you, Devan, for all you do, all that you are, and the light you bring to others.