Introducing our Betty of the Week, the one and only Amelie Spurlin, aka @ameliebs_ She joined our flagship @urbanbettysalon in September 2022 and instantly became one of our unforgettable Front Desk Super Stars. But let me tell you, Amelie has always been a force to reckon with, even from a young age! I’ve known her since forever, and her exceptional charm and wisdom beyond her years have always left me in awe. She’s got the charisma and conversation skills to rival anyone, making her a true ‘old soul’ in the best possible way!

Now, let’s have some fun and get to know Amelie with these fab facts:

Childhood ambition: Picture this-when she was five, she dreamt of being a ‘karate kicking chef’- a culinary ninja!

Hometown love: Austin, Texas, is where Amelie calls home!

Graduation groove: She graduated from Vista Ridge High School in 2021, rocking the cap and gown like a boss!

Off-duty adventures: When she’s not dazzling us at work, Amelie loves traveling, hanging out with loved ones, indulging in some retail therapy (oops! ), and soaking up the sun!

Superpower dreams: If Amelie could be a superhero, she’d definitely choose the power of mind-reading! So watch out, she might just know your thoughts!

Amelie, thank you for being an incredible addition to #teambetty. Your radiant smile lights up our days, and we can’t wait to spend many more fantastic moments together! ” #urbanbetty #urbanbettysalon #SuperstarAmelie