🌟Drumroll, please! Meet the enchanting Allison Gossett, our Betty of the Week – she’s got that spark  you won’t find anywhere else! Get ready to be charmed by @a111sonx!

Allison became an honorary member of #teambetty in July 2022 at our flagship location on 38th St @urbanbettysalon, spreading smiles like confetti ever since! 

🎓 Alison graduated in May of 2023 from the University of Texas at Austin, this gal proves that brains and beauty go hand in hand! When she was just a little firecracker, Allison aimed to be a therapist. But guess what? She’s already giving us therapy with her infectious positivity! 

📍 Hailing all the way from Grapevine, Texas, Allison’s Texan vibes are like a breath of fresh air in our team. Yeehaw! 🤠 When she’s not busy being our favorite Front Desk fairy, she’s out there conquering the world – one run and swim at a time! And, of course, hanging out with her amigos at happy hour 🍹

Superpower alert! If Allison could zap herself anywhere, it’d be teleportation! Imagine the adventures – poof, and she’s in a whole new world! ✈️🌍

Let’s make some noise for Allison! Drop your cheers, emojis, and love below – she’s the heart and soul of this week’s @teamurbanbetty squad!  #urbanbetty #urbanbettysalon #teambetty #bettyoftheweek