Jess Mindrup



Jess went to the Paul Mitchell Academy in Arlington in January 2018 and finished at the Austin Paul Mitchell Academy in June of 2020! She took a year and a half long break after moving to Austin to get settled. Jess started in June 2020 working front desk until she was fully licensed, and then she started our associate program in July. “Urban Betty was the first salon I visited when I moved to Austin! So happy to be a part of this team!”

Jess grew up in Mansfield, TX, moved to Fort Worth for a couple of years, and finally ended up in Austin! Jess is very intuitive and empathetic towards others. She loves photography and making those around her smile!


Haircut & Blow Dry

$57 and up

Dimensional Highlight

$158 and up

Dimensional Balayage

$296 and up


$178 and up

Highlight Balayage

$316 and up

Halo Highlight

$119 and up


$178 and up

Color Retouch

$73 and up


All pricing listed is basic pricing and are subject to change and increase without notice.

p: 512-371-7663