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Erin Keller

Hairstylist & Educator


My name is Erin! I was born and raised in Mississippi. At the beginning of 2017, I made the leap to Austin, TX and found my new home! I am a passionate vegan with two rescue pitties and a rescue kitty. I love to cook, paint, sew, adventure outdoors, and mostly, I love to do hair! At a very young age I knew my destiny was to one day leave MS and become a hairstylist! By 12 years old, I was doing all of my friends hair at home - cut AND color! (Scary, I know!) I would go to the salon and carefully watch everything the stylists would do, and then I would go home and try to repeat what I saw on my friends. As I got older, I even started doing my own hair. People around me began to see and then everyone suddenly started asking me to do their hair too! So I decided it was time to go to cosmetology school and learn how to do it professionally. Finally, I am living my dream! I am so proud to be a part of Team Betty!

My favorite things to do in the salon are balayage, highlights, and blonding! I love creating long-lasting and effortless, lived-in hair color. I’m here to spread sun-kissed hair and beach waves across Austin, TX.


Haircut & Blow dry

$85 and up

Dimensional Highlight

$333 and up

Dimensional Balayage

$404 and up


$354 and up

Highlight Balayage

$445 and up


$486 and up

Blonding Retouch

$426 and up

Halo Highlight

$237 and up


$142 and up

Color Retouch

$122 and up

p: 512-371-7663