Molly Loveland

Molly Loveland



Molly is the quintessential hairdresser: cool trendy hair, a wizard with bleach, and calls everyone “babe.” She specializes in pastels, known especially for her “molly purple” (aka a light, almost holographic hue of bright lilac) and any and all things bleach related. Bleach and tones, you’re in safe hands here!

Molly’s expertise in color along with her fun personality makes you feel like she’s your cool older sister, helping you look like the ultimate YOU.

When she’s not buzzing about the salon in her high top converse and paint splattered jeans, she’s either running outside, reading a paperback book in a nook somewhere, or having a Mexican Martini outside on a patio.


Haircut & Blow dry

$57 and up

Barber Cut

$43 and up

Dimensional Highlight

$158 and up

Dimensional Balayage

$296 and up


$178 and up

Highlight Balayage

$316 and up


$246 and up

Blonding Retouch

$204 and up

Halo Highlight

$114 and up


$158 and up

Color Retouch (roots only)

$73 and up

All prices listed are base pricing and are subject to change and increase without notice.

p: 512-371-7663