Another hair how-to video! People always ask me about my steam curlers, so I thought I would do a video and show you my routine. This whole look takes me under 10 minutes, and anytime you see my hair curled, this is what I do. I dried my hair before curling, but most of the time, I shower the night before and let it dry naturally.

  1. I use Caruso Steam Rollers. You can find them on Amazon. (this is my 3rd set since high school)
  2. I steam the roller and the cap for a couple of seconds each.
  3. Roll the rollers away from your face on each side. This requires some practice!
  4. I leave out the ends of my hair as I wrap them so that it doesn’t get that 80’s hot-rolled look. (If that’s your thing though-go for it!)
  5. In the end, I use a curling iron to curl the hair right around my face to get rid of any weirdness since I have cowlicks and whatnot.
  6. I only leave them in for 2-5 minutes! The longer you leave them in, the curlier it will get.