Written by Jenni Mardis, Hairstylist at Urban Betty

The people have spoken and I’m here to provide answers. I’ve searched high and low to compile a small list of the best ways to curl your hair with no heat. With any of these methods, you’ll want to prep your hair accordingly. Be sure that your hair is clean and only about 10% wet through the lengths. This is so that it can dry by morning and doesn’t create any mold on your scalp. You’ll want the hair at your scalp to definitely be dry.

You’ll also want to comb through your favorite hair mousse or other favorite styling product that has a little hold and some smoothing power. On the techniques that are photographed below, I used ONLY Everything by Nina Fitzgerald which is sold here at Urban Betty. Be sure you have a silk scarf to wrap your precious creations in over night. If you are not going to be sleeping in any of these, blow drying will work as well. But, that takes a while and you’ll be sure to get an arm workout! Are you ready to hack the hair system and curl your hair with no heat?



Putting your hair in any kind of braid overnight can get you a beachy effect. This works for all lengths given that the hair can be put in braids. For the best results, braid your hair into at least two French or Dutch braids.

You can put more in if you want a smaller, tighter curl pattern. Three Dutch braids seem to work best for this. Do not make them extremely tight, and do not make the partings between the braids perfectly straight. Instead, part with slight zigzag to prevent the hair splitting when it’s styled, and be sure to wrap your head in a silk scarf when you sleep to prevent your layers from falling out of the braids as well as to eliminate frizz.


Putting your hair in simple twisted buns overnight will help you achieve loose waves. The shorter your hair and the more buns you have, the tighter the wave will be. This method is not recommended for hair shorter than your shoulders. The technique is simple: just twist your hair into sections until you form buns and secure with bobby pins (rubber bands will leave crease marks.)

Remember to refrain from parting your sections perfectly to prevent the hair from splitting while it’s down. Wear a silk scarf to prevent frizz.


Using a headband to curl your hair will help you achieve bouncy barrel curls. This method is good for all lengths, given that you can wrap all the hair around the headband at least twice. Shorter hair may create tighter results, as well as some hair falling out of place during the night.

As shown in the diagram, you’ll want to start with a simple cloth headband. Not very tight. Brush your hair into place for where you want your hair parted off for the next day. Start by placing the band over the crown of your head until it is secure. Then, start taking small sections at the front working towards the back and wrap hair around the band until the ends are tucked. Once all your hair is tucked, loosen the hair a tiny bit by putting your fingers between the band and the tucked hair.

Next, to prevent a crease in your hair push the headband up as if you were taking it off, but keep all of the hair tucked, . It should feel pretty loose but still have the hair tucked in. If any small ends have fallen out don’t be alarmed. You can tuck them back in or leave all the ends out, if you want to create a more lived in look when finished. The looser everything is wrapped in the headband, the looser the final result will be. Wrap your hair in a silk scarf to prevent frizz while you sleep.



Using rollers in your hair will help you achieve a “blow-out” result. This method is very straightforward. Part off your hair the way you would part it off had you used a curling iron. Do not part your hair off in straight lines.

Imagine the rollers to be your curling iron and start from the ends of your hair and wrap them up to the scalp. Wrap in a silk scarf to prevent frizz while you sleep.


For this technique, you will need a t-shirt to cut strips from the hem to the neck. This method will give you a spiral curl effect and is good on all hair lengths. You’ll roll your hair in these strips the same way you would wrap them in rollers, except you want to roll the curl under. When you get to the top of the section you’re rolling, simply tie the end of the t-shirt to secure the hair in place but not tight enough to crease the hair at the base of each curl.

Wrap your hair in a silk scarf while sleeping to prevent frizz.