I get a ton of questions on how I style my beach waves, here are some tips and tricks! On average, my hair takes me about 5-10 min to curl/style. This style usually lasts about 3 days.

1. I use my 1” Babyliss curling iron. You can size up the barrel depending on the length of your hair

2. I prep my hair with a heat protectant and evenly disperse through my hair.

3. I like to section in 3 sections. The first two are large sections, and the top last part is the smallest to allow me to get close to the root for added volume.

4. I start in the middle of the strand and curl up, then I unravel the iron and curl up again. Always remembering to leave the ends out.

5. I always pull the iron out down over my ends to ensure my ends are straight and not curled.

6. I like to curl away from my face on the sides and every other in the back. Whatever you prefer is fine.

7. Once completed curls I use an oil and a texturizing spray to mess it up and make it beachy