Chelle Neff, Owner of Urban Betty Salon

In this day and age most women have or have had their hair colored. Here are a few helpful hints to help you achieve the best results before, during, and after your hair color service at Urban Betty Salon.

  • If getting a high lift tint or bleach applied directly to your scalp, do not shampoo hair for at least 24 hours. Natural oils will help protect the scalp and minimize the burning sensation.
  • Please have your hair combed and easy to brush through. This will help speed up the hair service and eliminate breakage.
  • If your hair is gray and your primary concern is eliminating 100% of the gray, shampoo your hair the morning of your hair appointment. Gray hair strands can have up to 4 times the cuticle of a normal strand of hair. The cleaner the hair, the better the penetration.
  • Do not shampoo your hair 48 hours after chemical services. It takes approximately that long for the cuticle to close back down and seal in all of the color. Don’t be alarmed when you first shower to see color rinsing down the drain. There is always some residual color left on the hair and it is completely normal to see it after your first shampoo
  • Don’t swim for 48 hours after chemical services. The cuticle will absorb any chemicals in the pool and that can have disastrous results.
  • Don’t perm and color hair in the same day. The cuticle can only take so much.
  • Brazilian Blowouts and Keratin Treatments are perfectly safe with color treated hair. However, you usually need to do the color first and the straightening service after. You can do the services on the same day as well. If you cannot schedule your color first, be sure to have the Brazilian Blowout or Keratin Treatment 2 weeks prior to the color appointment. That way you can eliminate any fading.
  • Color stains on the hairline, ears, and neck are normal. Especially during the winter season when skin is dry. It usually lasts until your first shampoo. Please make sure that your hairstylist is applying a blockage cream prior to applying the hair color. This will help in eliminating some of the staining.
  • Most highlight applications can take anywhere from 30-60 minutes. And all over color or bleaching can take 15-45 minutes to apply. It all depends on the length and thickness of hair. The average processing time is 20-45 minutes. Sometimes a dryer, steamer, or infra-red heat is used to speed up the process.

Last but not least, enjoy every minute of your amazing new do. Be sure to tell all your friends how much you love it and show it off in lots of pictures. You deserve to be beautiful!