Summer Hair Hacks!

In the Texas summer heat, it can sometimes be tricky to look and feel super cute and sassy. Here are some simple (less than 10 minute) styles and my go-to products for summer.

Mare by Reverie

MARE: A Mediterranean Sea Mist from the product line REVERIE. This amazing product gives body, texture and a lived-in look without being too heavy.

PureOlogy Colour Fanatic

Pureology Color Fanatic: The method to this products madness is to prime, protect and perfect your beautiful summer hair. Giving you lots of shine, smoothness, and heat protection.

Pret A Powder

Bumble and Bumble Pret-a-powder: THE definition of the best thing that ever happened to your sweaty, greasy looking hair after a hot day on the lake, sitting by the pool or simply just walking outside!

Bumble & Bumble Does it All

Bumble and Bumble does it all: the name describes it well…it really “does it all”. This is a workable hairspray that allows you to apply again and again without getting crunchy or crispy.