Redheads With a Tan

A tan redhead, you ask? They exist! And even in the wild. If you have brown or dark green eyes, light to tan skin, and light to medium brown hair, then this blog was written for you!

Medium Skin Toned Reds


Blake Lively comes to mind most often when I think of medium skin toned redheads. She’s got a naturally golden hue and her hair is the perfect match! While her eyes are actually blue, her skin works with this tone.


Another great mid-toned gal is Isla Fisher. Her tresses are a bit more muted, but compliment her darker eyes and tanner skin. She’s quite famous for this look, too!


I know they get mistaken for each other, but Amy Adams’ hair tends to be a bit darker, deeper, and redder. When thinking of the color auburn, this is who comes to mind! Also, if I were to be mistaken for someone in hollywood, I wouldn’t be too terribly upset if it were one of these two lovelies!


Ashlee Simpson had a somewhat rare red that gave her the appearance of being more tanned, as a result of her hair shade. It’s true! It can be a real thing. We love her in red, although blonde doesn’t look too shabby, either.


We will never be sad about Julianne Hough ditching her blonde for red. Truly beautiful, she exemplifies tanned redhead. She even has the perfect brow color for this shade!

When Red Gives Your Skin a Tan Glow

Gingers with a tan is real thing! And beautiful, too! As always, take pictures with you to your appointment and let your stylist to be candid and realistic with you. Keep in mind it could take a few tries to really get the correct tone for what you’re looking for!