3 Ways to style your hair with a Panama Hat

Winter is here! And Panama hats are all the fashion rage right now. You can pretty much wear them during any season and we would love to show you three simple hairstyles that you can incorporate into wearing them.

Side Ponytail with Panama Hat

The first style is a simple side pony. First curl your hair into loose curls with a one-inch curling iron. Then brush all your hair to one side and secure into a side pony-tail. It's really that easy!

Side Braid with Panama Hat

The second style to dress up your Panama hat is an easy side braid. Simply pull all your hair to one side and do a three strand braid!

Side Bun with Panama Hat

The last style that we'll show you is the side bun. You know how you throw a top-knot on the top of your head? This is the same concept, only pulled to the side. You may need a couple of bobby pins to secure it. Check out the video that we did with Studio512 that shows the live how-to version here.