Urban Betty is now selling Aveda eyebrow pencils, lip pencils, and lipsticks at both salon locations! Here is some more information on each of these new products.

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It’s that time of year—spring cleaning time! Urban Betty is having a Spring Cleaning Sale for all Kérastase gift sets (while supplies last). The gift sets are 20% off and are only available at the 38th Street location. Hurry into the salon to get yours before they’re gone!


In part 1 of ‘Why to Take It Slow When You’re Going Blonde’, I explained what natural hair goes through and the amount of work it takes to get the hair to a lighter color. If the hair is naturally dark AND has box dye, it is much more difficult and more time is needed to remove not only the natural pigment, but the artificial dyes and extra...


Urban Betty stylist Tara Dzialo is our Betty of the Month for February! Tara has been at Urban Betty for over a year now and we can't imagine the salon without her. She has quite an eye for balayages and highlights, and her friendly face is one you can't miss!


Why should men use conditioner? Because as a society, we’ve moved past relying on the direction of your father’s personal grooming advice. Are you still wearing your dad’s underwear suggestions? No? Are we still asking what he thinks our next dance moves should be? Also, unlikely. Let’s put haircare on the same plane, unless of course he’s a client of Urban Betty, in which case he’s already heard this spiel. I’ll explain both the scientific...


As you may have already heard, Urban Betty Soco has officially opened and is taking clients! Even though it’s a brand new salon, you’ll see some familiar faces and recognize the same, homey Urban Betty feel. Meet the Soco team (pictured above).

Left to Right:

Hallie Spurlin- Hallie is a shareholder and the general salon manager at the flagship Urban Betty location, but she'll be working at UB Soco one day a...


It's official, the "white hair" trend is still in full swing. Strap in for a lengthy read! I've dug deep into the scientific explanation of what goes on when going from a natural level 1-2 rich, brown or black, tone of hair to the dreamy, pearlescent level 12 platinum that you see in the media today.

In order to understand how the hair is impacted throughout the lightening process, we first need to know what the hair is made up of....


It’s a new year, so why not change up your hair? 2019 has revived hair trends from years past, all the way from the 70’s shags to the big volume we saw in the 80’s. 2019 also has its own emerging trends like fun pastel colors and bold blondes and reds. Scroll on to find your next hairdo for 2019!


This year during Austin Fashion Week (February 15-24), as part of Fashion X Austin’s Shop For Good city-wide promotion, if you buy any Kérastase styling product at Urban Betty, the salon will donate 10% of the sale to The Kindness campaign.

The Kindness Campaign is a foundation dedicated to stopping the harmful cycle of bullying for...


Are toners really necessary? In short, yes. That is to say, if you want the best possible tone or level of dimension for your highlights. In all of my sixteen years of doing hair, I can count on one hand how many clients are eligible for “no toner” hair. Any guesses why? It’s because in order to skip the toner, the client has to be so blonde naturally, that raw bleach wouldn't able to create a lot of dimension for them.

Toners are a...


Raise your hand if you’ve ever dropped $50 on a t-shirt, but then gawk at a mascara that costs more than $8?

Do you ever wonder why the bronzer you use at Sephora looks so much better than the one you got from HEB?

The answer is Q-U-A-L-I-T-Y.

For some reason, we have such a hard time spending money on GOOD makeup. It is no secret that high-quality makeup gives better results using less product in less time. If grocery...