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I have a client who likes to test me every now and then. She and I both know that bangs aren’t an option for her and then she’ll sit in my chair and mention the word “bangs.” We laugh about it, but in an exchange over chat a few weeks ago, she suggested a different type of bangs blog. One for the people who should heed warnings about bangs. The following is a short, but certainly not exhaustive, list that we came up with, which I think is a...

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Hello out there! This week's Betty blog is for all my eco-conscious babies. Better yet, this is bigger than that. This goes out to everyone as it affects every living soul...

As a hairstylist, I have been doing hair now for 5 years and morally struggle with knowing how much of what I use to create beautiful hair contributes to waste that is polluting our planet. I love what I do but it truly breaks my heart. From the cellophane wrapping...


So, you’ve found the perfect color on Pinterest and now you’re ready to book your next hair appointment! Yessss! But, is it really a Balayage that you’re looking for or is it a dimensional highlight? You may not think it makes that much of a difference when you’re scheduling your appointment, but it does! Here are the reasons why: time, cost, and expectations. Let me explain.

Balayage, baby-lights, slicing, teasy-lights, bleach &...


We all want healthy hair. I have personally been trying to grow my hair for a while now and I’ve finally found the perfect routine for my hair. Just remember, when you're losing more hair than usual sometimes it's because your body is trying to warn you about something. Always make sure to go to the doctor if this is the case to check if everything is ok. Growing out your hair of course first starts within. If you want to learn about more of...


During the month of August, all UV Protection products are 20% off at Urban Betty! Pureology, Redken, and Kerastase products are all included in this special.

You'll also receive a free pair of UB sunglasses with the purchase of 2 UV protection products! Stay protected against those sun rays!


Fourth up in the bang series is the heart shaped face. While most think you must have a widows peak to have a true heart shape, the only requisites is a pointed or narrow chin and a wider forehead. This is a pretty controversial statement; also if you don’t concur, we should agree to disagree, or we can agree the upside down triangle is another way of putting it. With that said, I’ve decided to lump both face shapes into one category and call...


Hello summer 2019! Self expression is alive and well in fashion this year. The Met Gala even held a fun theme of "CAMP". Celebs went all out with exaggerated looks. I was living for it. The event inspired what is walking around this season for everyday people. There's a little something to tickle everyone's fashion fancy this year, whether you love...

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Have you ever been nervous to get a huge hair change? Like going platinum, getting a pixie, or trying a fashion color? You create this idea on how it’s going to look on you and have a picture in your mind on the outcome; but, it’s hard to put what you want it into words and you end up with something you didn't want or maybe even the price catches you off guard. We all want to avoid these situations.

This is why it is so important...


Our Instagram Summer Koozie contest is back! You could win a $200 gift card to Urban Betty! Here's how:

Pick up a free koozie at either of our salon locations and post your koozie pic on Instagram. Tag @urbanbettysalon in the photo and hashtag #bettykoozie.

Make sure your profile is set to public. A random winner will be chosen Aug 1!

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The lovely Hannah Perez is back at Urban Betty! Hannah is working at our South Congress location Sundays through Thursdays. To book an appointment with her call or email the salon, or book online!


So you’re thinking about getting bangs! Put the scissors down. Let’s chat.

First things first, if you’ve already made the decision to change your look by adding a fringe (aka Bangs) then there’s probably no stopping you—which is totally fine! Just make sure that you’re getting them cut by a professional. Though it seems like a simple task you can do on your own, just take a second to reflect on your second grade picture when your mom...


Third up in the Bang Series is the square face. This face shape has some of the most beautiful celebrities associated with it. From Kiera Knightly to Rosario Dawson, you’re in good company if this is you! When looking for the appropriate bang, search for bangs that will soften the jawline. It has a tendency to be somewhat masculine if not done well. Here are a few of my favorites: