Julia graduated from the Avenue Five Institute and began her journey at UB first as Chelle Neff's assistant at our flagship location in September of 2016. Her evolution, both inside and out, has been a beautiful thing to see. Her smile and caring aura come naturally, and she can...


Let’s talk about healthy hair! In this short blog, I share tips and tricks to having those luscious locks we all want!

Most of us struggle with some sort of hair issue, whether it’s thinning, scalp related, dry, brittle, damaged, dull/lifeless, etc. Then there is the small percent who won the good genes lottery and have naturally perfect hair (Congratulations! Still read along as these tips will help you too!)


Our Betty of the Week is Karen Calderon! Karen started at our 38th St flagship front desk in May of 2019. After attending college for music education, she discovered a true passion for beauty and makeup and began looking into becoming a freelance makeup artist. This is when her career in the beauty industry took flight!

Check out Karen's growing portfolio on...


Our Betty of the Week is Angie Karnish! She started at our flagship 38th St location in September of 2013, attended the Paul Mitchell Corporate in San Antonio, and is a native Texan from Dallas. Angie has an incredible sense of humor, is always laughing, and knows how to bring fun into any situation.


Natali came to Urban Betty in August of 2019. We were all so excited to hear her take on things! She’s been in the industry for a long time and it’s always exciting when we can learn through another person’s perspective. She exudes everything yoga and it's clear that she loves being outdoors!


Today marks Urban Betty's 15th anniversary and we're celebrating with a grand party on May 2nd at our 38th St salon location, complete with a curl bar, giveaways, braid bar, swag bags, makeup touch ups, discounts on products, and so much more.

More details to come!

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Let’s talk specializations!

On occasion, stylists will get notes from whomever booked the appointment at the front dest. For instance, this morning I received a note on a reservation that read: “She’d like to go from blonde to copper.” But, because this client was initially blonde, the receptionist recommended me and also sung my praises, all before discovering that the client was wanting to go copper. My praises were sung so well, in...


Our Betty of the week is Kim Pearson! Kim began with us 12 and a half years ago and quickly rose to the top, becoming our first ever manager. She made our salon company her own and performed every task with so much heart. All the growth and awards Urban Betty has achieved since are owed in part to Kim's dedication, drive, and willingness to step up to the plate when no one else would.


Our Betty of the Week is Nicole Kukla! She is the assistant manager and savior at our 38th St front desk. She is such an integral part of our team, and her positive energy and smile are so contagious!


Morgan Detchon is our Betty of the Week! Morgan is a Certified Redken Specialist and has an exceptional talent for natural colors and soft highlights. She also enjoys doing precision haircuts, such as bobs and pixie cuts. Her keen attention to detail and methodical approach guarantees that every client will receive the same high-quality service, and her easy going personality and...


A tan redhead, you ask? They exist! And even in the wild. If you have brown or dark green eyes, light to tan skin, and light to medium brown hair, then this blog was written for you!


Here’s the thing about RED:

The various shades of red can be entirely nuanced. With that said, there are times when someone with light skin can pull off that deep, cool toned red and the person with dark skin can pull off that ginger cinnamon (check out Tyra Banks and her ginger locks.) The following examples are just guidelines, as rules are meant to be broken. Also, can we talk about Rhianna and just how perfectly she exemplified...