Our 12th annual clothing swap is quickly approaching! The event will take place on Sunday, June 23 from 11am to 1pm at our W. 38th Street salon. Bring your gently worn clothing, shoes, handbags, jewelry, scarves and belts to trade for other items! Come with all of your girlfriends and don't forget to bring a shopping bag!


Have you ever wondered if your current hair color is the most flattering for you? Maybe you’ve already achieved the most flattering color for your skin tone, but does your color flow well with your haircut? The best way to achieve a new look is by scheduling a consultation with a professional cosmetologist who can assess some important factors before helping you choose a flattering color that best suits your lifestyle.


Second up in this series is the round face. To determine if your face is round, look to see where your cheekbones are as well as the length, forehead to chin. The cheekbones should be the widest and the measurements from top to bottom equal the width of your cheekbones. While this face shape has fewer options, there are still so many. Here are a few of my favorites:

IMG_4502 (1).jpg

Ljay is our Betty of the Month for May! Ljay has worked at the front desk since February and most recently graduated from cosmetology school and began our associate program. We admire Ljay so much for his sweet demeanor, dedication to his craft, and passion to learn new things. We are so excited to watch him grow in his career!


As a stylist, every now and then I’ll have a very curious client sit in my chair. She'll want to know things like what products I'm using and how they work, the science behind the color I'm applying, or even why I chose to get into the beauty industry and what I love about it. So I thought, what better than to write a quick blog on common questions that I get asked. Here are just a few:


In need of some amazing gift ideas for Mother’s Day this year? Consider one of these gifts for the lovely mother in your life.


Today, sleep takes the backseat to almost everything in our lives: from our careers to our families, to our smartphones and laptops. Some of us even wake up super early to wash and style the pride and joy on our heads. But without a healthy amount of sleep every night, the overall health of our hair is in jeopardy regardless of our daily care routine. Not only does lack of sleep impact our cognitive function, skin complexion and weight, but...


Having confidence is super important in my opinion. Having confidence gives you happiness. It prevents you from being pushed around, it can give you a positive attitude, the strive to work to the top, and it can even influence others. Beyonce calls it 'Sasha Fierce'. It's not an easy thing to have, I'm still practicing it myself. Confidence is knowing you are worth it, and knowing your goals/future achievements are as vast as the universe....


Today, everything we need is literally at our fingertips. There are endless amounts of products to choose from whenever we want it. It seems like we’re so programmed for convenience these days, right? You might consider your hair products as an afterthought when you’re looking up new inspiration pictures on Instagram or Pinterest for your next hair style. Why not just use the cheap stuff that you can grab from the grocery store? Or snap a...


Bangs. They can be anything from a statement piece, to a nice addition to a cut, and anything in between. In this series, I’ll be going over all the options available for those with different face shapes, cowlicks, as well as the time commitments involved with each style. Let’s see what we come up with!

First up in this series is the oval face. Widely considered to be the most ideal face shape, this shape has the largest option pool for...


"How can I get my hair to grow faster?"

"Why am I losing hair?"

"Why is my scalp so dry?"

I hear questions like these on a near-daily basis. While I can recommend products to help aid these issues, the true fix to most hair issues starts with your internal health. Since hair is an inert material, both physical and mental health are at play here.


René Newman is our Betty of the Month for April! René has been a Front Desk Betty since last June, and she's a fabulous addition to our team. She's always willing to help out, is a wonderful resource when people have questions, and she can make anyone crack a smile with her cheeky one-liners! René recently graduated from cosmetology school and will be working through our associate program very soon, so keep an eye out for her at our new SoCo...