Written by Mandy Carlos, Marketing Director at Urban Betty

Amanda began her journey at Urban Betty in 2013 after graduating from Baldwin Beauty Schools. It’s wild that she chose this path considering that, as a child, she dreamt of working with horses and even pursuing an equine science degree. What a change of industry! We sure lucked out that her path changed and that it led her to our Betty family.


Originally from Austin (and a true unicorn!), along with being an amazingly talented hairstylist, Amanda is a wonderful mom of three. She also has secret talents, including party planning, interior design, and home projects. When you see her home, you can tell she has a natural eye for design. Her art, including hair, interior design, and party planning, all have a beautiful and natural aesthetic quality. We’re truly fortunate to have a stylist of her caliber in our UB family.


Amanda plans to get back into horseback riding and possibly own a horse of her own one day, which is a beautiful thought. Thank you for bringing a nurturing heart into our salon, we are forever grateful for how you continue to thrive and inspire the people around you.

“On top of being a badass hair colorist at UB, she is also a fantastic mom to three kiddos. I feel like she must have a clone or something, I don’t know how she gets it all done while making it look so easy. My dream is to one day be the laid back, yet amazing mom that she is. Her children are beautiful inside and out, just like her!” – Chelle Neff