Written by Mandy Carlos, Marketing Director at Urban Betty

Amanda started at our 38th St location in September 2019 after receiving her certification from Baldwin Beauty Schools in South Austin. She always knew she wanted to do hair, and as a kid even had a cousin name her future salon for her, “Mandy’s Mirror.” ADORABLE. She also loved persuading her family and friends into letting her french braid their hair.

Amanda is from Bakersfield, California, loves laughing, being with her friends, going on road trips with her boyfriend, and live music shows (wish she’s really missing right now). Amanda is a great listener and an empathetic friend with an endearing, comical side to her. “Making people laugh brings me joy!” We truly loves this about her.

Thank you, Amanda, for always having a smile on your face, compliments to give to whomever you’re in conversation with, and for growing so fast in your talents with us here at Urban Betty.