Written by Ayesha Cobb, Hairstylist at Urban Betty

We all want healthy hair. I have personally been trying to grow my hair for a while now and I’ve finally found the perfect routine for my hair. Just remember, when you’re losing more hair than usual sometimes it’s because your body is trying to warn you about something. Always make sure to go to the doctor if this is the case to check if everything is ok. Growing out your hair of course first starts within. If you want to learn about more of the nutrition side, which is very important for hair growth, click here for more information. I’m going to discuss the things you can do for less breakage.


My whole life, I was raised to put my hair in a satin cap at night or have a satin pillowcase. If I go even one day without it, my hair feels drier. Cotton pillowcases are drying for the hair, and as you toss and turn the friction from that can cause breakage. A satin pillowcase benefits your skin and hair; as you toss and turn, your hair just glides on it.

I have heard some cases of people saying they get too hot from using a satin pillowcase. If you’re a sweaty sleeper, use a satin night cap instead. Also, if you braid your hair into two plank braids and then put your hair in the cap it will make it easier. There will definitely be less breakage. You can buy a satin cap at Sally’s, try it out.


There have been plenty of times when a client of mine says, “Recently, I’ve been losing a lot of hair when I brush it.” After I inform them that the average amount of hair we lose is 100 strands a day, I comb their hair in sections with my favorite brush (The Tangle Tamer) and show them how much hair I collected after brushing. My clients are in shock. “That’s it?”.

Well my friends, this is a sign that you might be too rough when combing your hair. No matter how fine or thick your hair is, you should always comb in sections, and invest in a good wet brush. I also feel that brushing your hair when it’s dry can cause breakage.

Carry around a travel-size detangler, such as Pureology’s 21 Benefits Spray, and spray a little of that before combing your hair. Also, putting your hair up too much can cause breakage around your hair line. Either use some detangling spray before you put it up or do it super loose. Your main goal is to put your hair up the least amount possible.


Shampooing is very drying for your hair, even if you’re using a moisturizing shampoo; if it suds, it strips. Shampoo dries the scalp and hair out and it’s suggested to be used once a week or every three days at most.

I understand that it’s hot in Texas and we sweat. You want to shower when you have an active life. One thing I am a huge supporter of is co-washing, which is short for “conditioner-only washing”. You can do it as much as you want!

Co-washing will help keep your scalp moisturized, one product that I recommend for all hair types is ‘Only Everything‘ by Nina Fitzgerald. The reason why I recommend ’Only Everything’ is because it has honey which is an natural antibacterial and exfoliant, and aloe vera which is a Ph balancer. This co-wash does not have oils that make you hair greasy, and it’s also a natural hair plumper. The problem with oils is that they block the moisture out and lack of moisture equals dry hair, which causes breakage. Only allows the natural moisture in the air to take care of your hair. So, when your cowashing your cleaning and healing your scalp. My boyfriend has fine, straight hair and he co-washes, and after it dries, it has that clean fluffy look. So, co-washing is safe for fine hair also. Give it a try for a week.


One more helpful tip is that Natures Bounty Hair, Skin, and Nails Gummies has been working wonders for me. My nails have never grown fast, but as soon as I started taking the vitamins my nails have been growing fast and are stronger. Nails and hair are made up of the same protein, so a sign of healthy nails means healthy hair too. I might add that I’m a huge skeptic, so I really mean what I say, if I say something works it really works! I have a passion of improving peoples’ lives so I’m here for you. Thank you for reading another one of my blogs, see you next month.