Growing Out Gray


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As we get older, our hair ages and starts to turn gray. About 70% of my clientele has some gray hair. And no, that doesn’t mean that I’m doing the hair of a bunch of little old ladies all day. Believe it or not, most people notice their first gray hairs in their 30′s and 40′s. Last year was quite the awakening for myself as I noticed more and more gray hairs popping up all around my hairline. Since then, the “every now and then root touch-up” has become a necessity. All of the sudden getting my hair colored seemed more like a chore and not so much fun anymore. I know a lot of my clients feel that burden too. A few of them have decided to ban the bottle and go back to their natural color, gray and all.

Having gray hair is starting to become a trend. One of my clients even brought in her own Pinterest board dedicated to all the gray hair color that she liked.

If you are one of the people that are tired of being chained to high maintenance color appointments and would like to see your gray in all it’s glory, then I have a plan for you. Don’t worry, you don’t have to shave your head and start all over! It won’t be that painful of a process. It will however, take your time and patience. And if you decide you don’t like yourself with gray hair, guess what?  All you have to do is start coloring it again.

Phase 1:photo

As you can see by my beautiful client Kristin on the right, she came in initially with about one inch of new growth.  Her natural hair is about 60% gray and 40% medium to dark brown.  On the first visit we highlighted with a cool blonde and lowlighted with a medium brown that matched her ends. It was only necessary to highlight the sides, top, and crown of her hair. The goal is to subtly camouflage and blend in the gray.

Phase 2:

The next time Kristin came in to the salon she had about 2-3 inches of new growth, which can translate into 4-6 months of grow out.  (Remember what I said about patience) Again we did a partial highlight of cool blonde highlights and medium brown lowlights.  The result was a beautiful blending of 4 different colors that included her own.

The last part of this process is really up to your own hair and your hairstylist’s recommendations. You can continue to highlight and lowlight your hair, only lowlight, only highlight,  or cut the remaining all over colored ends off. This process can take anywhere from six months to one year depending on how long your hair is and how much gray you can stand seeing. The clients that I have done this process on, I am happy to say have stayed haircolor free and have embraced the beauty of their gray hair!

Written by Chelle Morrison, Owner of Urban Betty Salon


Valentine’s Day… Love it or Leave it? Either Way, These are Some of our Favorite Places and Treats.


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I know some of you cringe at the thought of Valentine’s Day.  I know lots of singles and couples who choose to ignore that it’s even happening.  It is a bit of a cheesy, over commercialized holiday, I will agree.  However, I’m a bit of a romantic at heart, so I do love to celebrate it.  I’m usually reminded of my great granny giving me a box of chocolates as a kid, so I think that’s why I associate warm memories with it.  Oh, and CHOCOLATE, that’s another reason, any holiday centered around that instantly becomes my favorite.  If you’re lacking ideas this year, or just want to spoil yourself, here are some of my favorite places and treats that can help ignite that fire in you.  Just pretend it’s ‘Treat Yo Self’ Day if you don’t actually celebrate V-word day.

  • SONY DSCHotel Saint Cecilia:  This is actually where I want to spend the night after I get married.  Did I mention that I’m engaged?  I’m leaving it up to the fiancé to schedule that!  Appropriately named for the patron saint of music and poetry, the Hotel Saint Cecilia is a neat getaway in the middle of downtown Austin. Set on a secluded site just a few blocks from the South Congress shopping district, the hotel’s suites, studios, and bungalows represent Austin to a T.  I even had a friend spot Robert Plant there romantically singing his girlfriend Patty Griffin Happy Birthday.


  • Adelante Boutique:  Of course this would be one of my favorite clothing boutiques in Austin, because it is only a few doors down from ouradelante4 salon.  My stylists and I peruse the racks on a daily basis.  If you’re looking for a flirty dress, or a classy one, they have you covered.  Need jewelry and shoes to go with your outfit? Well, you’re in the right place.  The pricing is affordable as well, you can walk in this boutique and feel like a million bucks while not spending a fortune.  Ask for the owner Tricia, and tell her UB sent you! CSM_CV_CabSauv_store


Chateau Ste. Michelle Cabernet SauvignonOne of my favorite cheap cabs!  I’ve added this to my Whole Foods grocery list and it’s a go to for dinner parties.  I don’t pretend do be a wine connoisseur, however, I know when I like something and this is it.  It also doesn’t hurt that it has my middle name on the label either.  Maybe it’s subliminal suggestion?8044677150_d2eefed2b2_b


  • Hillside Farmacy: Don’t let the hipsters here scare you.  I promise that they are harmless.  And the food is really good too.  Don’t even get me started on the decor!  It’s amazing and reminds me that if Urban Betty was a restaurant, this is what it would look like.  It’s an apothecary setting with tons of vintage inspiration.  The original building in the 1950′s housed The Hillside Drugstore. It was beautifully restored using original pharmacy cabinetry and is now a farm to table restaurant with a full bar.Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 2.34.13 PM


  • Kendra ScottThis Austin based jewelry designer has amazing pieces.  They won’t break your bank either.  I mean everyone loves precious stones, but we have to be realistic here and if you want all the bling and fashion without expensive cost, Kendra Scott is your girl!  I’m also proud of her as a local female entrepreneur that has hit it big.  She is an inspiration to all of us.

Written by Chelle Morrison, Owner of Urban Betty Salon

Four Tips To Rehydrate Dry Winter Scalp


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Hydrate Shampoo, Sulfate free by PureOlogy

Hydrate Shampoo, Sulfate free by PureOlogy

1. The first step to rehydrate your dry winter scalp is to make sure that you are using sulfate free hair products that will keep moisture locked in and also prevent haircolor from fading quickly. An example of one of the best sulfate free shampoos on the market is PureOlogy Hydrate.  I recommend this to most of my clients.  Another important factor is to inspect the ingredients on all of your hair products to find out what you are putting on your hair.  Alcohol is a main ingredient in commercial hair products (brands that you can find at your local grocery store), so be careful to always look behind the bottle. Keep in mind that the hair is the most vulnerable when it’s wet, make sure to  either air dry or blow dry (always using a heat protectant prior) before stepping outside into the elements.

Precious Oil Softening Hair Masque by PureOlogy

Precious Oil Softening Hair Masque by PureOlogy



2. Deep Conditon! Grab your favorite deep conditioner/masque and add some oils if you prefer and apply thoroughly throughout the hair. Allow a deep conditioner or masque to sit for fifteen to twenty minutes. My favorite is PureOlogy Precious Oil Softening Masque. If possible cover hair with a steam towel or if you’re in the shower turn up the heat to allow steam to rehydrate the strands. I recommend doing a treatment once a week to keep those luscious locks from dehydration.

Fortifying Heat Spray by PureOlogy

Fortifying Heat Spray by PureOlogy




3. The indoor heat can be extremely stressful to your hair and skin. Using the right serum for your hair type can lock in moisture and shine. ALWAYS ALWAYS use a heat protectant/humidifier either dry or wet to protect the hair from the cold wind like Pureology Fortifying Heat Spray.

4. And last, but not least be kind to your hair! The winter months can be brutal, the less you do , the better. Hair takes time to repair itself so whatever you do now will stay with you throughout this year, so give those strands some extra TLC!

Written by Angie Karnish, Hairstylist at Urban Betty Salon

The A-List Salon Book and Radio Show


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The A-List Salon: Insider Secrets of How Profitable Salons Wow Their Clients Every Day

The A-List Salon: Insider Secrets of How Profitable Salons Wow Their Clients Every Day

In 2013 the book The A-List Salon: Insider Secrets of How Profitable Salons Wow Their Clients Every Day, was released.  I was very honored to be one of the sixteen salon owners featured in the book.  The book is written by Veronica Woods, creator of  I was asked business questions about creating a salon, hiring, and social media.  The book presents a very informative view from several owner standpoints that recognizes every facet of the beauty industry and salon ownership.  I highly recommend checking it out if you are a hairstylist, own a salon or plan to own a salon one day.

Last October, Veronica Woods interviewed me for her A-List Salon Radio Show.  It features a great 30 minute spill on my history in the industry as well as some great business tips for my fellow salon owners.  Check it out here!

Written by Chelle Morrison, Owner of Urban Betty Salon

Urban Betty T-Shirt Contest


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After our shipment of brand new Urban Betty T-Shirts arrived we decided to hold a contest involving our clients sporting the new shirts!


We put the shirts on sale for the months of September and October and asked you to take a picture of yourself wearing your UB t-shirt and post it to Facebook or Instagram.  Using the infamous #iheartub as your homing beacon we watched as the “likes” grew to the double digits and then triple!


Brandi_tshirt winner

The final day to collect “likes” was October 31st and Brandi Bates was the winner with 120!  Brandi recevied $150 in services and $100 in products for her outstanding efforts!



Don’t forget to pick up a shirt on your next visit!  Every time you show your love and wear it to your appointment you will recieve 5% off your services.  We have all sizes in women’s AND men’s!



Featured Betty for the Month of December


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photo 4Name: Ruth Anne Thornton


Age:   30


Hair Type:  Fine, but tons of it


Who is your stylist?  The amazing ERIN!


How long have you been a Betty? I can’t believe it’s been three years this month!!

 What are two of your favorite products and why:  Kevin Murphy Angel Wash/Rinse and the B&B Thickening Spray – I love the Kevin Murphy shampoo / rinse line because it’s sulfate and silicon free – having fine hair, that is important to me. And the B&B Thickening Spray is completely necessary for a good blow out on fine hair – plus it smells great!

 What’s your hair “do” tip: I’d always heard to not shampoo every day, but that was hard for me because I’d work out/sweat and my hair would go flat… so Erin’s advice to try JUST shampooing my bangs was a lifesaver! It saves me tons of time, and helps that second-day hair look cute and fresh.

How do you spend your free time? Right now, I spend a lot of time chilling on the couch with my dogs & browsing Pinterest for baby room ideas!

What is your indulgence?  Pre-pregnancy? Anything sweet – now? Pickles. I am a total cliche.

People may be surprised to know: I went to the same high school as Mark Zuckerberg… not at the same time, though. 

Who or what inspires you: Strong, smart, passionate women. I am so lucky to have many of them in my life, they are my energy and inspiration.

Three words that describe you:  Nerdy, loyal, introverted.

What is your favorite local store?  I really like Strut… they send you random 40% off the whole store emails… can’t beat that!



Featured Betty for the Month of November


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IMG_1370Name:  Kevin Dorman

Age:    29

Hair Type: Awesome

Who is your stylist?  Marian Little


How long have you been a Betty?: “Really, I’ve been a Betty my whole life but I’ve been coming to the salon for about 6 months.”

What are two of your favorite products and why: “Bumble and bumble Sumotech and Thickening Shampoo because they keep my hair in place without looking too rigid and keep my scalp from drying out.  Also, because they both help me preserve my sexy.”

What’s your hair “do” tip:  ”Do what you wanna do when you’re doing your do’.”

How do you spend your free time?  “All of my time is ‘free’, I don’t pay for any of it. As such most of it is spent sleeping, eating or mindlessly waiting around.  But I enjoy reading and the company of friends and family.

People may be surprised to know:  “I am a member of Mensa.  And that I own a little Pomeranian named Leonidas.”

Easy Tips and Products for Having Healthy Hair!


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I want to share with you some great tips on how to manage dry hair, repair, then protect it.  I also want to inform you about things you may not be aware of when purchasing products at your local store.

The first tip to have healthy hair, is to start using a professional shampoo and conditoner. What many people don’t know is that the majority of the store bought brands (ie: Garnier Fructis, Dove, Pantene, Tresemme etc.) have detergent in the shampoo.  These commercial products have a reputation of drying and stripping the hair harshly.  Not only that, most of the commercial conditoners contain wax, an agent that coats the hair giving it the appearance of being healthy and hydrated, but in actuality it is causing a build up and not giving the hair any protein or hydration. Also a lot of these aren’t color safe due to the sulfates and preservatives they use to make them.

These are the products that I recommend and Pureology is by far my favorite. They have 8 different hair care lines, 4 of which are showing below, that are all color safe and will cater to all hair types.

Hydrate & Pure Volume

Hydrate Shampoo & Conditioner by PureOlogy

Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner by PureOlogy

Pure Volume Shampoo & Conditioner by PureOlogy

Pure Volume Shampoo and Conditioner by PureOlogy









Precious Oil & Essential Repair


Essential Repair Shampoo & Conditioner by PureOlogy


Precious Oil Shampoo & Conditioner by PureOlogy









Another way that hair is traumatized and damaged is caused by using flat irons, curing irons, and blow dryers. These are all okay things to do (in moderation) as long as we are using:

A. Heat Protectants

As for heat protectants, a large majority of the Bumble and Bumble styling line have heat protecting agents in the list of ingredients.  Pureology has an entire line named Colour Stylist that is designed to protect against heat and protect color treated hair.

B.  Protein deposting leave-ins or treatments.

My favorite treatments are Milk, Miracle Filler and Essential Repair Colour Max.  These are products that you put on towel dried hair after shampooing.  They also help seal the cuticle and add protien to parched ends.

With a few of these tricks of the trade, you shall now be on your path to gorgeous, healthy tresses.

Written by: Madelon Sanabria, Hairstylist at Urban Betty Salon


Meet our Betty of the Month for November


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Chad is the newest member of our Urban Betty Family.  He is currently assisting one of our senior hairstylists, Nina Fitzgerald, so you can be sure that next year he’ll be a top choice hair artist at UB!  He is extremely helpful around the salon as well, cleaning and doing laundry, you know, the typical man’s job.

Chad also has a one-and-a-half year old little girl, Coraline, who he enjoys chasing around in his free time with his wife Delain, who is also a hair stylist at Urban Betty.  Fantasy football, video games and cooking also top his list when he has time to kill, which is rare with a toddler!


Chad’s product picks for November are:

022307_bumblebumble2_bBumble & bumble Sumotech.  When I put this product into my hair I am transported to another place in time.  A world where one can put product in his hair and trust it all day.  Thank you Sumotech for making my day special!”



PureOlogy Hydrate Conditioner.  I promise you, when you apply this purple goodness to your clean hair, a wave of euphoria enwraps you like a cool breeze on a sunny summer day.”


Look for Chad early next year on our website, or call 512-371-7663 if you would like to book an appointment with him!



Mustache Movember


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It’s Movember and time to make a difference!

MO2012 PrimaryLogo POS


“Movember” is an annual, month-long event involving the growing of mustaches during the month of November to raise awareness of prostate cancer and other male cancer initiatives.




We are holding an event at the end of November to raise money for Movember and Sons, an organization dedicated to raising funds that go directly to the Prostate Cancer Foundation and LIVESTRONG Foundation.  November 24th will be our Mo happy Hour, hosted at Urban Betty Salon from 5p-7p.  We will be serving up delicious drinks and snacks.  Get ready to start growing your mustache on Nov 1st, because we’ll have a mustache contest as well.  Ladies, don’t worry we haven’t fogotten you, you can always make your own stache and enter the contest or donate to receive raffle tickets!




We also have our own page set up at where you can contribute anytime between now and the end of November.  All proceeds will go to Movember and Sons a national non-profit organization aligned with the LIVESTRONG Foundation and the Prostate Cancer Foundation in the quest for education about men’s health.  One of our stylists, Chad, has generously donated his facial hair growing skills for the month and you can track his stache’ progress there as well as on our facebook page.


As a little incentive to help out, you will receive $10 in services to Urban Betty if you donate $10 or more!