Featured Betty For the Month of June


Name: Pie Pisano


Age:    TBD


Hair Type: curly!!


Who is your stylist?  Erica St. Clair


How long have you been a Betty?  “Three years, but I’ve been seeing Erica for five years!”

What are two of your favorite products and why?   “Reactivating Mist by Bumble & Bumble because it keeps my style for days and Bumble & Bumble’s Invisible Oil, it calms my hair.”

What’s your hair “do” tip?  “Do use products with oils such as shampoo & especially conditioner & whenever else you can. It has made a big difference for me.  Curly hair is dry hair by nature.  Be gentle & embrace that curly hair!”

What is your indulgence?  “Dark chocolate, great cable and Netflix series.”

Who or what inspires you?  “People who lead by example inspire me.”

“Thanks for doing  this!  I love your salon & the staff and I have learned a lot from them about my hair care.  Chelle steers a really good ship full of positive energy and I congratulate you all on a job well done!  UB is a credit to Austin.”    -Pie

Featured Betty for the Month of May!


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Throughout the history of Urban Betty we have acknowledged an employee that has gone above and beyond every month with the Betty of the Month award.   A few years ago we decided to extend that award to clients as well.  Stylists’ are encouraged to nominate clients they wish to recognize and at our monthly meetings a name is drawn at random.  We call this the Featured Betty!

The winning Betty is asked to answer some questions about things they like, products they use and any other interesting information they wish to share with us.  We post a blog along with their photo and when they come in for their next visit we present them with a travel size shampoo, conditioner and styling product in thanks for being such a great Betty!

1743671_10152677963089546_1911915548_n-1Name: Susan Morgan-Tullos


Hair Type: straight


Who is your stylist?  Amanda Millican



How long have you been a Betty?  “a few years”


What is your indulgence?  “Chocolate!”


People may be surprised to know: “that I donate blood regularly”


Three words that describe you:  “positive, energetic, giving”

Urban Betty at Austin Fashion Week


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This year Urba10256904_677131329001524_6042807510198240206_nn Betty participated in the 6th annual Austin Fashion Week. Not only did we hold our own event, we styled hair for the AFW runway, and our owner Chelle Morrison, took home an award for Austin Fashion Week Philanthropist of the Year.


Photos courtesy of Wendy Gail Photography


Our event “Signature Betty Party” was a huge success. We had over two hundred attendees and raised one thousand seven hundred dollars for the DSACT cause. The main features for our event were free Signature Betty cocktails sponsored by Deep Eddy Vodka, and a Signature Braid, Nail, and Curl Bar. Everyone lined up to get beautified by the Betties!



Next we rocked out hair during the Austin Fashion Week runway shows. Our in house wedding and updo specialist, Nina Fitzgerald, created a look to mesh with each fashion designers theme. All the stylists paired up in teams to tackle each models head of hair backstage. Needless to say, the runway was a huge success!


Photos Courtesy of Fashionably Austin

10268433_674887135892610_4903428841766449043_n 1613879_674887085892615_8526924449378712281_n 1010887_674887285892595_9036786191546393588_n

10348705_10154131286020352_1893045752948949901_oAnd last but definitely not least we took home a golden boot at this years Austin Fashion Awards. Chelle Morrison, owner of Urban Betty was awarded Philanthropist of the Year. Urban Betty is a drop of location for Project Princess, which collects used dresses and accessories for girls going to prom. The salon holds event throughout the year that give to causes such as: Safe Place, Austin Pets Alive!, Movember and DSACT. Chelle also routinely donates gift cards to organizations all over the city. Not only is she a small business owner, in her free time she participates in the Central Texas Big Brothers Big Sisters program. Congrats Chelle!

Revive Your Winter Damaged Tresses


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I don’t know about you, but winter has been harsh on my hair!  All the dry weather and plus the constant change from warm back to cold, did a number on my hair.  The weather can cause the hair to become dry, frizzy and unmanageable at times.  Here are some things you can do to fix all your winter hair problems.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Number One, come get those split ends snipped off.  No need for a lot of length off, maybe just a skimming of the ends is needed.  Trust your Betty to tell you what’s needed.






Number Two, while booking your haircut also book a deep conditioning treatment.  This has saved my hair.  They are simple, relaxing and only a $15 to $20 add-on to your haircut price.




Last but NOT least, Number Three. And I feel that I speak on behalf of most of the Betties is we all love the new PureOlogy line, Strength Cure.  I’ve been using it on my clients that are in need of it and the results have been fantastic, tangle-free, strong, happy hair!10252162_10152170578968224_3669592937221931530_n








Written by Madelon Sanabria, hairstylist at Urban Betty Salon

Betty How To: Waving Iron


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My name is Chelle Morrison, I’m the owner of Urban Betty Salon and I’m also a hairstylist. I’m going to be demonstrating how to use a deep waver iron so you can have natural looking beachy waves.

picisto-20140217193951-471998 What tools are you using to achieve this look?

The tools I will be using to achieve this look are a deep waver iron, 1 crocodile hair clip for sectioning, and 1 large comb.

What products will you be using or what have you already done to your hair to prep it?

I shampooed and conditioned my hair with Bumble and Bumble Mending.  I then sprayed Bumble and Bumble Prep throughout it to detangle with a bit of Milk by Reverie through the mid shaft and ends.   Next I sectioned and blew it dry thoroughly.  Make sure that your hair is completely dry before using the waving iron so as not to burn your hair.  If you have lots of natural curl, please straighten your hair as much as possible with only the blow dryer.  The key is too smooth it out with only the blow-dryer.  Never use a flat iron or other type of iron before you use a waving iron.


First I’m going to section my hair horizontally across the back only, I’ll use the crocodile clip to pin the rest to the top of my head.  Make sure that your sections are only as thick as the diameter of the iron.  That helps to prevent grabbing too much hair.  I usually break the first section into two pieces and comb through them before using the iron.  I bring the section to the side and begin using the waver at the top.  I then move the iron down the section.  Be sure to incorporate part of the last waving pattern in your next move to keep the wave fluid.

Next I’m going to move up the back of my head in horizontal sections until I reach the crown of my head, leaving each section down that has already been waved. I usually take 2-3 sections within each section.  When you finish that and reach the top of your head, start with your sides.  Work your way up to the top of your head horizontally again.  Make sure you work towards your part.  Always wave your hair in the direction of where you part your hair, never away from it.  I part my hair slightly off center, so it makes it easier to section.  If you have bangs, I suggest not using the waving iron on them.  Because if they are not long enough, it can cause a weird outcome.  Only use the waving iron on hair in the front that is 6 inches or longer.  Since I have bangs, I have dried them smooth and will bobby pin them back into the rest of my hair.

Final Finish!

After pinning my bangs back into the rest of my hair, I loosely run my hands through it.  You can flip your head upside down as well to break up the waves.  Never comb through the waves!  That can cause frizz.  I apply a bit of Bumble and bumble Brilliantine through the bottom to create separation and add to the beachy look.  Just a dime sized amount is all you need.

What do you like about this style and why do you do it?

I love having wavy hair and the ease of it.  It looks natural and I can easily wear this same style without washing it for 3 or more days.  In fact the longer I go the better it looks.  This is a great hairstyle for humid and rainy days; it only makes it look more natural!

Watch the video here!



Featured Betty for the Month of April


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photoName: Julie Monone


Age:    41


Hair Type: straight


Who is your stylist?  Chelle Morrison


How long have you been a Betty?  “8+ years as a Betty, but I’ve actually been seeing Chelle since 1996!”

What are two of your favorite products and why?   “Bumble and Bumble and Biolage, these are two great products for colored hair!”

What’s your hair “do” tip?  “Having long hair, it tends to be dry. I have learned that sectioning off my hair while blow drying has helped tremendously and has cut down on split ends and dryness!”

How do you spend your free time?  “Gardening and being with my husband and two dogs. We love spending time outdoors and we have lots of adventures together.”

What is your indulgence?  “Great hair is definitely one of my biggest indulgences!”

What is your favorite local store? “What is your favorite local store – Austin Rocks on 2nd! I love to shop local!”

Featured Betty for the Month of March


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imageName: Tessa Cooper


Age:    32


Hair Type: fine brown hair, not very thick but I’m still hoping that will change one day.


Who is your stylist?  Veronica! as always


How long have you been a Betty?  “Over 7 years…? I joined when Veronica was just a new stylist and we just clicked.”

What are two of your favorite products and why?   “Veronica got me on the Pureology Pure Volume Blowdry Amplifier years ago and I still use it. I need all the help I can get when it comes to volume and body in my hair so I use this almost every time I blowdry, and whenever I’m setting curls. Also, this past summer she introduced me to BB Surf Spray and it was fun to do some messy waves with that and be more low maintenance and less structured with my hair. Recently she used the Wet Brush on me and I was so impressed with its ability to comb through fine tangles which have been the bane of my after-shower routine since I was a little girl.”

What’s your hair “do” tip?  “With fine (and quickly oily) hair, I only put conditioner on the ends of my hair and sometimes shampoo the top roots twice. The last thing I want to do is weigh down anything. I am attempting to practice the don’t wash your hair every day routine and that has been an adjustment. Luckily now my hair is long enough for a ponytail so that can buy me an extra day.”

How do you spend your free time?  “Gardening and being with my husband and two dogs. We love spending time outdoors and we have lots of adventures together.”

What is your indulgence?  “Facials! I feel like they have more lasting effects than a massage and I dream of being someone who can get them regularly one day.”

What is your favorite local store? “Paper Place. I love textiles and paper crafts and enjoy sending friends handmade cards and envelopes. This place is always great to find gifts for friends or new inspiration for creative projects.”

Hairdressing Tips For 2014


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Hairstylists understand clients need a new look for the season. It’s not every day the perfect look is created satisfying clients in every which way, but latest trends do find favour with many opting to follow their favourite stars or celebrities. Creative instincts of a hairstylist quickly establish balance between expectation and satisfaction to create looks that brings about the desired changes.

Whether it’s long tresses or the short-hair style, choice of a new hairstyle is definitely much cheaper than trying to replace an entire wardrobe. Some great styles set a trend and are subtle enough to demand an expert hand at work. Changes brought about by mastering basic techniques usually set the hairstyling trend for the season.

5692002003_63bee0e7d6_bA simple ponytail can make a hairstylist hesitate about changes. Simply secure your hair as low as possible. Keep frontal hair in place with the help of hairspray to quickly issue a style statement for everyday use. Established models routinely use the low ponytail for catwalks and to effectively create the perfect facial look with different outfits.

Your choice of headbands and clips can create a work-in-progress hairstyle changing in time to suit your personal needs. Use different hair clips for the same style. Subtle changes can be made to make hair growth appear thicker or shiny.

Conditioning hair regularly is a definite sign of establishing a smooth finish devoid of stringent processes. Opting for a contemporary look helps you keep in touch with the latest fashion trends without spending too much money. A visit to the hairdresser can be a luxurious experience. You invariably come out happy and content with your latest hairstyle.

Sustain full-length, strong hair over an extended period of time. Latest trends for 2014 are easily established by experienced hairdressers, but they do need hair to be well nourished and prepared for changes.

Take the bold approach when it comes to choosing natural colour schemes. Your hairstylist has a clear understanding of how changes are made. For example, choose to colour your hair blonde for the new season. Hairstyling patterns are then established to suit your temperament and overall lifestyle.

Creative flair does make a considerable difference in setting up the perfect hairstyle, especially if you’re looking for the all new wedding look or are just keen to dress up differently for an important occasion. A low maintenance, practical approach usually determines how hairstyles are sustained through 2014 and beyond. It already appears medium-length hairstyles are catching everyone’s fancy. Looks may change over the entire season, but hairstylists have more options with longer hair.

Go in for a curly hairstyle, if you’re keen on establishing a totally different look without7503410892_deded1338f_b making your hair appear wet after a regular shampoo wash. The hairstyle suits ladies with longer hair. Again, the essence is to try out curlers at a hairstylist to establish a new look.

Choose a celebrity updo and stick with it for the entire season. You have several options to work with the updo, whether it’s for work or for the special occasion.


Growing Out Gray


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As we get older, our hair ages and starts to turn gray. About 70% of my clientele has some gray hair. And no, that doesn’t mean that I’m doing the hair of a bunch of little old ladies all day. Believe it or not, most people notice their first gray hairs in their 30′s and 40′s. Last year was quite the awakening for myself as I noticed more and more gray hairs popping up all around my hairline. Since then, the “every now and then root touch-up” has become a necessity. All of the sudden getting my hair colored seemed more like a chore and not so much fun anymore. I know a lot of my clients feel that burden too. A few of them have decided to ban the bottle and go back to their natural color, gray and all.

Having gray hair is starting to become a trend. One of my clients even brought in her own Pinterest board dedicated to all the gray hair color that she liked.

If you are one of the people that are tired of being chained to high maintenance color appointments and would like to see your gray in all it’s glory, then I have a plan for you. Don’t worry, you don’t have to shave your head and start all over! It won’t be that painful of a process. It will however, take your time and patience. And if you decide you don’t like yourself with gray hair, guess what?  All you have to do is start coloring it again.

Phase 1:photo

As you can see by my beautiful client Kristin on the right, she came in initially with about one inch of new growth.  Her natural hair is about 60% gray and 40% medium to dark brown.  On the first visit we highlighted with a cool blonde and lowlighted with a medium brown that matched her ends. It was only necessary to highlight the sides, top, and crown of her hair. The goal is to subtly camouflage and blend in the gray.

Phase 2:

The next time Kristin came in to the salon she had about 2-3 inches of new growth, which can translate into 4-6 months of grow out.  (Remember what I said about patience) Again we did a partial highlight of cool blonde highlights and medium brown lowlights.  The result was a beautiful blending of 4 different colors that included her own.

The last part of this process is really up to your own hair and your hairstylist’s recommendations. You can continue to highlight and lowlight your hair, only lowlight, only highlight,  or cut the remaining all over colored ends off. This process can take anywhere from six months to one year depending on how long your hair is and how much gray you can stand seeing. The clients that I have done this process on, I am happy to say have stayed haircolor free and have embraced the beauty of their gray hair!

Written by Chelle Morrison, Owner of Urban Betty Salon


Valentine’s Day… Love it or Leave it? Either Way, These are Some of our Favorite Places and Treats.


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I know some of you cringe at the thought of Valentine’s Day.  I know lots of singles and couples who choose to ignore that it’s even happening.  It is a bit of a cheesy, over commercialized holiday, I will agree.  However, I’m a bit of a romantic at heart, so I do love to celebrate it.  I’m usually reminded of my great granny giving me a box of chocolates as a kid, so I think that’s why I associate warm memories with it.  Oh, and CHOCOLATE, that’s another reason, any holiday centered around that instantly becomes my favorite.  If you’re lacking ideas this year, or just want to spoil yourself, here are some of my favorite places and treats that can help ignite that fire in you.  Just pretend it’s ‘Treat Yo Self’ Day if you don’t actually celebrate V-word day.

  • SONY DSCHotel Saint Cecilia:  This is actually where I want to spend the night after I get married.  Did I mention that I’m engaged?  I’m leaving it up to the fiancé to schedule that!  Appropriately named for the patron saint of music and poetry, the Hotel Saint Cecilia is a neat getaway in the middle of downtown Austin. Set on a secluded site just a few blocks from the South Congress shopping district, the hotel’s suites, studios, and bungalows represent Austin to a T.  I even had a friend spot Robert Plant there romantically singing his girlfriend Patty Griffin Happy Birthday.


  • Adelante Boutique:  Of course this would be one of my favorite clothing boutiques in Austin, because it is only a few doors down from ouradelante4 salon.  My stylists and I peruse the racks on a daily basis.  If you’re looking for a flirty dress, or a classy one, they have you covered.  Need jewelry and shoes to go with your outfit? Well, you’re in the right place.  The pricing is affordable as well, you can walk in this boutique and feel like a million bucks while not spending a fortune.  Ask for the owner Tricia, and tell her UB sent you! CSM_CV_CabSauv_store


Chateau Ste. Michelle Cabernet SauvignonOne of my favorite cheap cabs!  I’ve added this to my Whole Foods grocery list and it’s a go to for dinner parties.  I don’t pretend do be a wine connoisseur, however, I know when I like something and this is it.  It also doesn’t hurt that it has my middle name on the label either.  Maybe it’s subliminal suggestion?8044677150_d2eefed2b2_b


  • Hillside Farmacy: Don’t let the hipsters here scare you.  I promise that they are harmless.  And the food is really good too.  Don’t even get me started on the decor!  It’s amazing and reminds me that if Urban Betty was a restaurant, this is what it would look like.  It’s an apothecary setting with tons of vintage inspiration.  The original building in the 1950′s housed The Hillside Drugstore. It was beautifully restored using original pharmacy cabinetry and is now a farm to table restaurant with a full bar.Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 2.34.13 PM


  • Kendra ScottThis Austin based jewelry designer has amazing pieces.  They won’t break your bank either.  I mean everyone loves precious stones, but we have to be realistic here and if you want all the bling and fashion without expensive cost, Kendra Scott is your girl!  I’m also proud of her as a local female entrepreneur that has hit it big.  She is an inspiration to all of us.

Written by Chelle Morrison, Owner of Urban Betty Salon