Curly hair is an eye-catching accessory you can wear everyday. With the correct styling know how you can flaunt your best curls everyday!

  • The biggest complaint about curly hair is that you constantly have to battle frizz. The lack of moisture in curly hair is what causes it to frizz. People with curls have 20 thousand less hair follicles than the average straight haired person. This means curly haired people produce less sebum (natural oil). Shampooing everyday strips your hair of natural oils that keep the hair moisturized, so it’s important for people with curls to only cleanse their hair every other day, if not every third day. The shampoo selection is important as well. Choosing a shampoo that is moisturizing and sulfate free such as Pureology Hydrate Shampoo is your best bet
  • Right after shampooing, blot your hair dry, but not with a terry cloth towel. (Using a terry cloth towel on curly hair is like using Velcro… eeek!) Instead use an old tee-shirt or go to your nearest fabric store and grab a yard or two of jersey-knit fabric. This will be your new hair towel. Brushing curly hair equals frizz, so invest in a wide-tooth comb and gently comb the curls to untangle after blotting it dry.
  • Since curls are naturally dry, finding a good leave-in conditioner, such as PureOlogy Essential Repair, is key to getting the beautiful ringlets you see in magazines. Apply the leave-in roots to ends and comb thru, this will help replace the moisture that is stripped from shampooing and will help eliminate frizz. Those of you with thicker, coarser curls may need to apply a curl cream on top of the leave-in conditioner such as the Pureology Illuminating Curl 24 Hour Shaping Lotion. When choosing a styling product pick an alcohol-free product to prevent unwanted dryness.
  • Drying curly hair with a blow dryer can cause dryness and will disrupt the curl, especially when using a high heat setting. The extra heat can create unruly tresses and dreaded frizz. The trick is to apply enough styling products to make your curls behave, but also avoid using too much and making your curls stiff. By allowing your hair to air dry and using your fingers to manipulate the curls into several neat spiral cylinders will enhance your curls and decrease frizz. If you’re in a hurry, use a diffuser attachment with the lowest heat setting on your blow dryer. To get shape and bounce, hang your head sideways or upside down. Touch your hair gently and put your curls in the bowl of the diffuser. Move the diffuser towards your head, getting the heat up to the root. Be careful when moving the diffuser around to not disrupt the curl formation. Keep this up, working in sections until the hair is 80-90% dry. Give your hair a little tousle and your ready to go!